I love to please

When my husband and I first met we did some wild and kinky things. He loved me telling him about my old boyfriends and what I did with them. He told me that it turned him on thinking about me with them. He wanted to know how he compared to them. I didn't want to hurt his feelings so I lied a bit telling him that I thought he was about the same size. But this was a total lie. He was the smallest guy I had been with by far.

One of his friends invited us to a pool party at his parents house. They had a lovely home with an inground pool. So we went to the party and I was wearing a one piece bathing suit. I had just put on some sun screen when his friend climbed out of the pool right in front of me. I could easily see that his friend was quite well endowed through his wet bathing suit. So when my boyfriend came over I told him what I had observed. This excited him and he asked me how big I thought his friend, Mike was. I said that he was maybe 6.5 to 8 inches.

My boyfriend Dave came to me to tell me that he and Mike were going to make a trip to 7&11 to pickup some more drinks and chips. Dave wanted me to ride along. So we hoped in Mike's pickup truck to make the trip to the store. We got the soda and chips and were headed back when Dave said his cock was hard. I felt his crotch and I started to rub him. I could feel his rock hard 4 inch cock. So I unzipped his shorts and I pulled it out. Then I began to suck on it right in front of Mike. I could see him trying to look at what I was doing while he drove. I stroked Dave's cock on purpose hoping his friend could see his cock. Then I went back to sucking on it.

I stopped and just left his dick hanging out. Then Dave said it was no fair that he was getting a blow job and Mike wasn't. I looked at Dave and them Mike. I said yes it's not fair at all. So then I started to rub Mike's crotch. His cock was getting really hard. I looked at Dave and told him there is no going back once I start. I asked if he was sure he wanted me to continue. He didn't hesitate at all saying yes. So I reached in and grabbed a hold of his cock. I pulled it out and began to lick on him. He soon was fully erect. I marveled at his penis and praised him for his wonderful size. He was all of 7 inches and fairly thick. I took him in my mouth and began sucking for all I was worth.

It was a yummy cock. I stroked Dave while sucking on Mike's large dick. While I was sucking on Mike I felt Dave shoot his load all over my hand. He was enjoying it all so much. Including verbal encouragement of me sucking Mike's dick. We had arrived back at Mike's parents house and he pulled next to the curb and stopped short of the driveway. I was stroking him and sucking on him hard. I thought he would never cum. But all good things do end. He finally shot his load and some of it hit my left eye and my hair before I could cover his swollen head with my mouth. It was lots of yummy semen. Mike didn't say a word. He then drove down the driveway. They put their dicks away and we went to the pool.

I told Dave that giving head really isn't all that fun and pleasurable for me. I said I would have much preferred to be fucked then suck cock. He asked if that meant I wanted to fuck his friend. I told him not really. Which was true. Mike wasn't my type at all. Or so I thought. But sometimes things happen if you are in a certain situation anything can happen.


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  • My boyfriend like's hearing about my past, too., Every time he start's asking I know we're going to end up in bed.

  • My wife and lived in a threesome for 3 years . She had two cocks the entire time he would come home early everyday so he could fuck her . Always had sloppy seconds with him around . Loved it

  • That’s how my wife acts. But the look on her face while she’s orgasming with a young guy with a huge cock tells the truth. She loves it. She’s 42 and I share her with young guys, early 20s, whenever we are out of town. She loves it but says “I only do it for you since you like to watch me.” Yet she’s the one that picks the guys after dancing with them and doing the cock size check on the dance floor. Funny how they always are young, muscular and have big cocks.

  • Be proud of her bigger the cock the better

  • My wife had a FWB when we met. Bob and Jill dated but mostly used each other for sex., they'd go shopping. He was like a girlfriend with a dick. He would do manly stuff for her. Like lug heavy stuff to her 2nd floor apartment. She was 1,000 from home -- her 1st job out of college. He'd taxi her in snow -- she never drove in snow. We're married a year and they're just good buddies now. Sat night he's over for burgers on the grill and beer. Jill does a strip tease and dives into the pool. Soon the 3 of us are skinny dipping. It's that time of the month she's extra horny. Did I mention she's an admitted nymphomaniac -- I found out later she had other fuck buddies. She gets after Bob, so I figure I better step in fuck before he does. He's a little embarrassed, but she reels him and sucks his dick while doing her from behind. It's like an orgy jailbreak. I'm fucking Jill, holding to a float and keeping Jill afloat. I take a break and smart Bob carries her down to the shallow end like a caveman over his shoulder and fucks her there. For 2 hours we fuck her every which way. Next morning Jill scolds herself for getting after Bob and setting off her gang bang. I'm like, well he's and old FWB -- not like you fucked the neighbor -- perfect storm thing. I know she must sound like a real hussy -- she's just this nice, cute nympo, who has it under control -- except for that one night 40 years ago.

  • You can suck on my monster cock anytime. How about it. Oh yeah you prefer to screw so I would love to plant my 9 inch rod deep into your birth canal. I would please you baby. I love pleasing women like you. I bet you are sexy and hot ready for my hot rod.

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