Ramping it back

I'm 19 and have been best friends with my buddy Mike for about five years. We are basically like brothers. When I started dating my girlfriend Carmen, it cut into our buddy time, but he was accepting of the fact that I was in a relationship and happy for me. We've been doing more things together in recent months.

I've been dating Carmen for about 5 months. She's a little freaky, dyes her hair orange, wears skimpy skirts with tights, and is into tattoos and piercings. She also has a high level of kink, and we've been having threesomes with my friend Mike. She likes them. I don't tend to last too long, and Mike is a total animal in the sack. He totally loves screwing my woman. Together we are meeting her needs and then some. It's also fun to watch one another get off.

The thing is that it is getting out of control. Mike is literally coming over almost everyday to screw Carmen. He asks me each time, and I usually say "cool, we'll both bang her" but it's getting to be a little too often. I told Carmen that it's getting to be a little much, but she simply says things like "Mellow out, you are way overreacting."

I'm thankful to have both Mike and Carmen in my life. I love them both. But I hope to at least get the frequency of Mike's visits down to maybe once a week. However, I don't think I have full control over the situation anymore. I think both of them would be upset if I laid down the law. They might just start doing things without me. If anyone has been through a similar situation, I'd welcome some advice on a solution.

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  • I had a very similar experience, lol, his name was Mike and everything! Except my bf didn't know how much I wanted to fuck Mike. And he was SO much better than my bf, and of course we started fucking on our own! You're a fool if you don't know this is happening!

  • You've lost this one, but recognize that Carmen wasn't destined to be a long-term piece anyway. Find someone better, let your buddy have his way with Carmen, and just let it roll. Just remember: bro's before ho's. Take care of your buddy. Just don't let him have at anyone good.

  • Dude you're screwed, it's over now once you let him in she will always fuck him with or without you. Never ever have a threesome with another swinging dick always 2 chicks and only 1 dick.

  • You are correct you no longer have control. And correct again they will carry on without you should you insist on slowing this down or ending it. Dude It happened to me as well.
    Your buddy will be with you for years to come. Girls come and go so don't screw up your friendship with him over a chick.

  • Hmm, i got nothin

  • This is why I refuse to do a threesome... ever. No matter what.

  • Watch the movie "Threesome" and get the fuck over yourself.

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