Girlfriend daughter

The girl I’m talking about was 15 at the time, she was the daughter of my girlfriend (we are separated now)
I moved in and I did pick up the daughter did look at me, didn’t bother me until one day I was on the landing getting a towel out of the cupboard for a shower, when I closed the cupboard door the daughter was looking at me from behind her bedroom door that was half open.
I had my boxers on that was nothing new seeing me like this, it was the way she was looking at me, her eyes went from my feet up to my face, I said you ok, she nodded.
Her eyes now fixated on my boxers, I said I was having a shower do you need to use the bathroom, nodded no.
This happened many times, looking from her door at me whenever I went for a shower, I mentioned it to my girlfriend and it didn’t seem to bother her, she said who knows what that girl thinks.
One day I was in the bedroom towelling myself dry after a shower all I could hear was the dog barking and going nuts in the garden, I quickly lent over the stair banisters shouting at my girlfriend “let the bloody dog in it’s barking like mad” she came to the foot of the stairs and said what “let the dog in”
I turned round completely naked and daughter was looking at me, I froze on the spot, without saying anything she was looking directly at my cock, must have been a good 10 seconds before I said sorry and quickly went back to the bedroom.
I told my girlfriend and she laughed, must of made her day.
The daughter didn’t have any friends back nor did she visit any, I felt sorry for her and seeing me naked just became normal.

4 months ago

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    • I was hoping to hear that you hammered her.

    • How fake can you fucking get! This is so lame it is pathetic! Get a life loser!

    • Did you’re mother not tell you if you have nothing good to say then don’t say anything.

    • You know you absolutely right! The OP should not have wrote this fake sick crap!

    • How do you know it is fake?
      My daughters seen me naked many times during young and old ages.

    • Then you are a sick perverted old man. Did you clean up their puke after they vomited?

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