Little sister

Growing up I shared a bedroom with my sister, I was 24 and she was 16
I was in the bedroom with my new girlfriend at the time, one thing lead to another and we’re fucking, my sister was downstairs, I had just changed positions fucking my girlfriend from behind when all of a sudden I heard my mum shouting at my sister, get in your bedroom now, she came racing in and sat on her bed, I’m still hanging out the back end of my girlfriend, no way I was pulling out until I’ve shot my load, I quickly pumped my girlfriend until I cum.
My little sister was watching through her fingers covering her face.

4 months ago

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    • You where growing up then? When do you think you are grown up? 40? This is fake bull shit 24 and sharing a room with a 16 year old sister yeh right! Move out of your momma's house and get a life loser! Then come back with a real story idiot!

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