I was turned into a pig

I was dating this girl back in college, I was your average hockey player, I was pretty athletic, but after I met this girl everything changed. We started talking then after a while we hung out, she made a massive dinner and a bunch of desserts, when I started to struggle to eat she made me feel bad so I ate almost everything, by the end my belly was hanging out of my shirt. I was so tuned on by this I didn’t even know why. So I started seeing her more and more often, after about a year I went from 185lbs to 300. Icouldn’t play hockey anymore, all do is waddle to her house and she would feed me and play with my body. After a while though she didn’t like me walking so much so she just came to my house, this is where my weight skyrocketed, I was barely leaving for my classes anymore, I mostly sat at home all day eating more, and she’d come over and feed me more whenever possible. So after about 6 months of that I was around 350. At this point she would degrade and make fun of how fat she made, it turned me on so much though. At this point I rarely leave bed, and I eat like 8 to 9 full meals a day atleast. I now have moobs bigger than most woman, and my belly hangs out in front of me and pulls my back in a little.

10 months ago

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    • How much do you weigh now? She still fattening you up?

    • Updates?

    • How heavy are you now? Are you still dating the same girl or has she moved on to plump up the next unsuspecting guy?

    • Pig Man !!!!!!!!!

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