My friends

I started masturbating a while ago. I didn’t watch porn or anything, I just used my friends photos. One of my friends started selling her feet pictures to guys on her snap. She sent me multiple pictures with her feet in them and I felt nothing. Then one day we talked about it and how it was weird so I started researching. I saw that a guy said he didn’t exactly like feet but masturbated to them because he had nothing else to look at. Well, I started the same thing. When I’m not masturbating, I hate feet but when I am, I’m in love with them. I have pictures of my friends feet saved. I cum to them daily now and have thoughts about smelling and licking them. Idk how to tell anyone without them thinking I actually like feet. Honestly just want to try it with my friend, who’s feet are my favorite, just to see because she claims she likes her feet so maybe she’d be ok with me trying something. I’ve tried smelling them before when we were together but I didn’t get the chance.

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  • Hey feet sniffer how is your sick fetish going? Sniff any shit covered feet?

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