I came to a realization this week

I have been giving men sexual pleasure for twenty some years and I am thirty seven. I always went to far to fast when I was younger but guys loved it and I thrived on their attention. Even today my husband loves to have sex anytime we can do it, tells me I am amazing and it is not like he does not pleasure me. I have to pull his hair to get him off of me some times after like five orgasms and I cannot take anymore. I am also verbal and guys always seem to love that, they love hearing dirty words and a take charge attitude, I make it a point to take my husband right up to our bedroom when he gets home from work and give him a blow job. I tell him a few times that I have been craving his cock all day waiting for him to get home, he has an orgasm in like three minutes from all the excitement. We were watching some disney movie for like the fiftieth time and the kids were on the floor just fixed on the movie. I slid my hand under my husbands blanket and began stroking him after digging into his pajama bottoms. I waited for an exciting time in the movie and quickly went under the blanket and sucked on him hard until I was swallowing, he had his hand down the back of my bottoms caressing my rear end. I really do crave sex and love to do it all the time.


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  • My wife loves sex and blowjobs. She's given me a BJ at every rest stop from here to Texas. Twice truckers caught us and she told them she'll suck them off as soon as she finishes me. Then she'll drive off.
    We belong to a Vets Club. it's mostly men, but late at night it's usually all men and her. She'll get naked in the Ladies Room, I'll go in, drop my pants, and fuck her on the vanity.

  • Good wifey

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