Things I do to my wife

Top of the list is bound masturbation.
There are so many great sex products out there and remote wireless vibrators are awesome. I love to put her into bondage and watch her struggle as she has multiple orgasms. The sounds she makes are a huge turn on and sometimes she will ask me to do this to her because she really loves it. Our coffee table gets a lot of use because she fits on it really well and I tie her to it spread wide and play with her while watching a game or race.
Bent over things is also high on my list.
I love to come home from work and just strip off her bottoms and bend her over something then work my cock into her. Once again she is really vocal with moans and sounds that are just awesome and she get lubed up in seconds because she is very turned on by this as well. Most of the time she does not orgasm during these quick sessions and unfortunately some dinners have ended up over done.
Have her ride me
Really enjoyable position because her boobs are amazingly firm and she has nipples that puff out and are huge when erect. I tell her to make herself orgasm on top of me and it can be riding my cock or face but most of the time she gets on my face because she loves to be licked. She also tells me that if she squats to hard down on my cock it bottoms out and hurts a little bit. Either way it is a real joy to watch her on top.
Make her suck me
Quick cuffed wrists or zip tied without any notice and sometimes I add a ring gag for additional fun so she drools onto her boobs. I then get her onto her knees and gather up her hair for a great cock sucking session.
Garage sex with power tools
Bondage is always part of this along with some sort of modified sex toy on a power tool but I have also just used the tool on her but not to often. Usually tie her to my bench or saw horses and once again her nipples look awesome pinched by some clamps. The handle of my palm sander is curved and with some Vaseline on it slides right into her with the body resting on her clit. She tells me that the vibrations are super intense and she has multiple orgasms in like ten minutes from it.
Insect mania
I tie her up on the deck fully clothed for the most part then just expose her boobs when the insects are really active. She is not to big on this one but loves to make me happy, sugary stuff on her nipples attracts bees which is fun to see, she has never been stung but seeing mosquito's jab her nipples is awesome. Once again not to often but still fun when it does happen.
Shower massager or faucet masturbation
Once again bondage is involved and water is pulsated on her clit, great sight seeing her clit and lips moving all over the place and water splashing everywhere. Cold water makes her squirm quite a bit which is always a turn on.

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