I may have been drunk but I know what I was holding

Being honest I can’t even remember what age I was it was that long ago.
Remember dancing and getting off with this guy, we went outside touching and kissing each other.
I know I was really drunk, he started fingering me and I put my hand down his jeans, he undid his button and zip and all I can remember is holding his huge cock.
I didn’t actually see it, was kissing him all the time.
His cock was so thick my fingers didn’t meet, it was so long and so hard, it seemed like it just went on for ever!
A car headlights pointing at us we quickly run back.
The fresh air really affected me and was out of it, can only remember waking up at my friends house.
I know I was drunk, but Christ I had the biggest cock ever in my hand!

3 months ago

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