Ruining lives

I like all the white hoes.. they tell their husbands it's a girls night out... yeah right motherfuckers you stupid ... the bitches like the black dick.. special when they ask for a condom before fucking i puts it on and pinch the tip with my fingernails.... 9 months later the hoes are popping out a welfare baby...explain that to your husbands fucking hoes... or i gives them aids/vd/
Them white hoes are to stupid they easy fuck holes to be used

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  • With all do respect bro, you need to invite JESUS CHRIST into your heart and life and ask for forgiveness and turn away from your wicked ways. Then learn about taking communion. If you dont want to go that route, go on amazon and buy this book called "The Natural Physician's Healing Therapies". Its by Mark Stengler, NMD. Look in the back of the book and you will find a list of different cures for AIDS/HIV.

  • I'm not your BRO white trash... JESUS has done you a lot of good from what i see.... all you white motherfuckers are here to service the with it

  • White women is for sure here on this very earth to service black men and do as they told.

  • Sounds familiar. I recall back in the 80s and 90s there was a movement among black men to destroy as many white marriages as possible, by seducing and ruining the white wives. The plan was to eventually breed the white race out of existence, leaving only pure blacks and mixed- race people on the planet. That was when you started seeing so many more white women and girls carrying their black babies around in public. Among the white girls I knew, it was considered a badge of honor and a matter of pride to have a black baby in a stroller or in their arms. Girls even actually felt sorry for their friends who had white babies. The blacks was straight stroking ALL the bitches. And them bitches was ALL happy.

  • It’d definitely work. No self respecting white guy would want anything to do with damaged goods. Once you go black, you’re a single mom.

  • That's what we want! We want everybody to know we went black and aren't going back! Best way to show it is go in public with 1 or 2 black babies or children. Plus thats the best way to attract more black men. I know.

  • They're nothing but fucking whores..... I've fucked 2 married women at work in her office the other on the parking garage.....

  • Excellent, excellent work, my brother! Two at the workplace! You just keep on keepin on!! And write again here and let us all know when those hoes (or any other ones) are carrying your babies!! Keep knocking the fucking white trash bitches UP!!!!!! AW, FUCK!! Thing of beauty, that! Thing of motherfucking BEAUTY!! Oh-ho-ho, fuck YAH!! AND those work bitches is sure enough sexual harassing you, too!!! If you don't already, YOU WILL OWN THEY WHITE ASS!!! OWN IT!!!

  • With that said ... how many interracial babies are born every year under these circumstances ? now we know a white woman giving birth to a interracial baby is a taken woman....

  • I want your cock in my ass email me

  • I want your cock in my mouth and ass

  • Go grab a knife and run a the police! We will read about your death in the news!

  • Late teens my GF made ware a condom. She wanted cock all the time and we'd fuck during her period -- and she made me waste a condom. She had a regular cycle and 2 days before I purposely slip out of her pussy and slip the condom off. Do the same thing during her rag. She never noticed I was shooting my load in her pussy or wonder why mt dick was all bloody. Starting with a condom on and taking it off at halftime is like your dick just went to heaven. I do that now with my wife who's own BC, and she likes it too. She says how could your ex not notice the condom is gone, I feel it right away.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Which is why I got my tubes tied

  • I love your attitude and your approach to those women. I would love to be so bold. Good luck!

  • White womens deserves to git they marriage all blowed to FUCK and back. So keep seducing out they marriage and given them the bastard babies they need so bad and love so much. Make them craze for the hot BBC! So effing bad is just how they want it.

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