I feel so bad about this, but...

Four months of my life I had the most amazing sex I’ve ever had.
My best friend broke up with her boyfriend, she was really heartbroken.
A few weeks after the break up I was driving past her ex boyfriend apartment (diverted traffic sent me this way) I generally thought I was trying to help my friend.
I knocked on his door and you could immediately cut the atmosphere with a knife, I was hoping I could the pair of them talking again.
Still to this day I have no idea how I ended up having sex with him before leaving.
I felt awful but couldn’t forget how amazing the sex was.
A few days later I met him again, my plan was to tell him it was a dreadful mistake what we did, again before leaving had amazing sex.
This was going from bad to worse, what am I doing I thought.
He was a very fit man, handsome, amazing body, strong and his stamina during sex was eye rolling.
Didn’t matter how many times I convinced myself I couldn’t help but go back and see him again.
After four months of sneaking about things started fizzling out.
I look back on it now and feel awful but I will never forget the sex.

4 months ago

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    • You feel bad but not bad enough.

    • Haha, honey I did the same, but Kim was staying at my place while I was sleeping with her husband behind my own husbands back. Even after they got back together I was still fucking him

    • Went with Elaine 3 years in college. She was in a sorority. Her sisters loved me, I'm tall and good looking I must say. Then she started fucking a pre med. Then dumped me "I upgraded" she told a sister. I fucked 6 of them. 2 at a time twice, 5 in one week. The chubby one was amazing in bed. They rubbed it in to Elaine openly. "Elaine, your ex has a big dick, thanks"

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