Keeping it in the famiky

I thought my world was over when my wife of 16 years decided she wanted out.
I didn’t fuss or point fingers. I just knew she had been seeing others behind my back but held on with everything I had.
It was hard on my daughter in college.
Sometimes my daughter and her friend would stay weekends with me. I couldn’t help myself from looking at her friends Maddie’s hot body. I think she knew it and night she started flirting with me and she usually did it while my daughter was in shower or not close by. I finally couldn’t take it one day and she wound up meeting me at my place and we had sex. I’m talking great wonderful hot steamy sex. Then it happened again and again.
We couldn’t get enough of each other. I never imagined getting a divorce would have its perks.
One day I had the chance to meet her mom when I was as at sports bar and her mom was hot. We wound up exchanging numbers then went on a date. We went back to her place and had some hot steamy sex. I didn’t know where this would go so I was worried. Maddie questioned if we had sex and I told her we fooled around but nothing else. A few days later her mom texted me to come by late one night. I didn’t know how to answer. I went over there with the intention to tell her I felt we should be friends cause it would been very strange her knowing I was having sex with her daughter. We wound up having sex and Gina her mom understood what i confessed. Then she asked me if I was still interested in seeing her as a friend with benefits. Of course I said yes !!! It’s been a different experience being divorced but it’s also be exciting


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  • You can't say she's called Maddie on the post and Mia in the comments. #fail


  • Which one is better any why?

  • The daughter is so well built. Just a huge turn on making out with a much younger female.
    Her mom pretty much takes over which is a huge turn on. The mom is very cute and has many guys wanting to get in her bed. I don’t want to give either up

  • Amazing.It took me almost 10 years apart to fuck a mother and then the daughter.Buts it one heck of a feeling.

  • Get a threesome with both of them. Nothing better than having sex with mom and dearest daughter at the same time. They could see each other sucking your cock

  • Yeah right.Real life doesn't happen like porn you know.

  • Are you still fucking both of them ?

  • Yes but it’s been difficult. I have to sneak to be with Mia cause my daughter would be pissed if she found out.Her mom always text me late when she’s ready for bed. Both are awesome in bed

  • Mia you say?.... Funny that considering you said her name was Maddie. #bullshitter

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