Her friend Kendra

Before my wife and I got married we spent many nights going out with other couples coworkers friends etc. One night after getting ready to leave me and my girl had been arguing the entire week and we pretty much drove in separate vehicles to a country and western bar. As i got ready to leave right about the time I was about to get inside my car one of my girls friend calls out my name. After small talk she invites me to to come by her place. Kendra is an attractive single girl who mostly is single but goes through guys like it was nothing. We wound up making out. She did things to me and showed me things in bed I could never forget. She was probably way better than what I was getting from my girl. I couldn’t believe how wonderful she was in bed.
We spent the entire having sex. I knew it was only sex but after that night I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I didn’t feel guilty because I’m pretty sure my girl left with someone that night. Many guys had really wanted Kendra but she just went through guys like nothing. She told me she had always had a thing for me. I didn’t know if it was a lie and I would be just another victim. She changed me so much. After a night with with her I wanted sex like she gave me. Rough and even soft at times. Even today when I see her I wish I could just go home with her so she could have her way with me. Looking back I sometimes wish I would have married her knowing she was a white just so my sex life would be great. I would love watching her and sharing her with others.

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  • My wife has a friend who I always wanted to bang.During my wife's pregnancy she wasn't up for sex much so I joked around and asked her if I could bang her friend,she always took it as a joke and said things like "yes go ahead" or "sure why not".I used to flirt with her friend alot and I think she got the idea that I definitely wanted to smash her.She flirted back but doubt she ever would because I was married to her friend but still I reckon she was curious as to what I was like in bed.
    Anyway few years later she stayed with us and I had trained my toddler to pull towels off mummy so it came in handy.Her towel was regularly pulled off and I got to see her naked several times.I always looked and said "nice view" and so on.She was always cool with it to be honest.One afternoon I got home and we were alone I asked for a look and she opened her towel and showed me her nude body.She looked so fucking hot.From that point on I knew I wanted to try to fuck her.
    Just over a year later my wife was pregnant again and I was horny.Her friend had got her own place and we hooked up after the pub.I flirted with her all night and she invited me back.When we began kissing and I was touching her she kept saying "no we shouldn't".But I didn't stop and she got too horny and gave in.I fucked that hot body of hers in all the positions I could.She was satisfied and so was I.It was our dirty little secret.We screwed several more times then she got a boyfriend.

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