Biggest surprise

Having a few drinks with my girlfriends and someone asked what the biggest surprise you’ve ever had.
Lots of answers but when it came to me I couldn’t think of one, I could but I couldn’t say it out loud.
The biggest surprise I’ve had was two years ago I visited my sister for four days, a few of us have drinks sitting on the grass and I got chatting to this guy who was in the group, he was a nice guy.
We spoke for ages while drinking and as the drinking continued the touching started, then the whispering, giggling and flirting.
It was now dark so he and I sat a little distance away on our own, he and I both wanted to touch more so we said we are going for a walk.
Out of sight we started kissing and his hand went up my summer dress, my legs went like jelly when he put his fingers inside me, the lust the passion whatever you want to call it was to strong, he turned me round and lifted up my dress, my knickers are to one side then the biggest surprise of my life, my wetness allowed him to slid the biggest cock I’ve ever felt, it was huge, it was so long it never went fully in and the thickness hurt a bit, it felt amazing once we got going and to finish it of he ejaculated in my mouth.

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