I can’t imagine myself ever being so open

A few years ago I met a guy who had loads of energy and very dynamic compared to my past relationships, I was swept away by him and found myself going along with what he liked.
Before meeting him me and my friend would be in bed together, we are fully clothed just chatted with the covers over us, my new guy would visit and sit at the end of the bed chatting to us, he was very good at making us laugh.
On one occasion he brought a couple bottles of wine with him, my friend is terrible on wine! After a couple of glasses each my friend said get in bed with us, he got up took all his clothes off and jumped between us, it was funny at the time, he was touching us both in a joking way but when he touched me it was different, when my friend was distracted he would put his hands down my bottoms, my friend noticed a couple of times and said you two need to get a room, he then turned round and put his hand up her skirt and said are you feeling left out.
He was backwards and forwards touching us both, under the covers I had pulled my bottoms down so he could touch me better this gave him an erection, he lent over to my friend and said close your eye then push his cock in me and fucked me really fast for a few seconds, my friend started laughing and he said oh so you thinks it’s funny then done the same to her, we all messed about laughing while he kept doing this to us.
Next the covers are on the floor and he said come on he pull my bottoms off and started fucking me then my friend, we had a good 3somes going and this happened on many occasions, me and my friend couldn’t wait for him to visit it just became normal for us.
Things fizzled out and it just didn’t happen anymore, now I’m with another guy who is really nice, our time together is wonderful and I couldn’t imagine ever doing what I did again and definitely not with this man.

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