My father likes my wife

At first my father would touch my wife's breasts or butt while she passed by him in the kitchen whenever he could do it without my mother noticing. He would look at me while he did it and would smile. When my wife and I would go up to our bedroom, she would be aroused and we would have sex.
My wife asked me one weekend when we were visiting my parents that my dad would touch her. I told her that I had noticed and I asked her if she minded. She told me that she actually enjoyed it and asked me if it bothered me. I told her that it actually excited me knowing that she was being touched by another man. Later that evening after dinner my mother went to bed early and I was sitting on the couch with my wife and my father was sitting in his chair. My wife whispered to me if it was okay if she took it a little farther. I told her that it was fine with me. My wife got up and then sat on my father's lap and wiggled her butt on his lap. My father was looking right at me as my wife got him excited and I watched as she did it. After a while my wife got off my father's lap and knelt between his legs and unzipped his pants and got his dick out. My wife sucked on his dick and then got up and sat down on his lap again but this time as she sat down she lined up my father's dick with her cunt and he was all the way inside her. She was looking at me and I took my dick out and walked over to her. She took my dick in her mouth and sucked me off while riding my father's dick. My father and I came at almost the same time, he in my wife's cunt and I in her mouth.
This became the usual whenever we went to my parents for the weekend. In fact, my wife wanted to go there almost every weekend.
We did this for almost ten years until my father passed away from a heart attack. I believe that he enjoyed his last years fucking my wife.

4 months ago

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    • Sex with non-blood by-marriage relatives is NOT incest.

    • Rotten west families like pig

    • Чертовы любители инцеста должны умереть!

    • That's quite kinky. I actually cuckold my husband with the help of his father.

    • Sounds like fun for everyone do you have any pictures of your pussy?

    • Very hot

    • And the Mighty anti incest warrior defender of decency strikes again

    • Чертовы любители инцеста должны умереть!!

    • Hot! My dad and I did my hot younger step mom a few times. Once she took both of our cocks into her mouth at the same time and we both shot off a wadd at the same time. Seeing all that cum drizzling off her mouth was hot.

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