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My wife on the other hand before we had kids in the car, use to love laying down in the front seat and giving me head while driving down the road. I wasn't on that with our lives hanging in her ability to control my getting off. She really liked to unbutton her blouse or dress and expose her c-cups while laying there, hiking her dress or skirt up with no panties playing with pussy or me reaching over and playing with her pussy, that would get her so wet she would be cumming in my seat, we always kept a clean blanket in the car for a seat cover. She always wanted in a left hand lane so people in higher vehicles could see more often than you will think there would be horns from people wanting to pass, when a trucker or some guy riding by in the family van would keep speed to watch the entire show. She would ask you think that guy would like to pull over at the truck stop and fuck my sweet wet pussy. We could just let him eat it and get on our way. I think that was just part of the fantasy of what she was doing. We always ended up having hot sex at the end of our trip just when we could get the time if going to our parents house. We began doing it again as the kids grew and didn't travel with us as often. We began pulling in roadside rest, or truck stops having hot sex in the car with the thrill of being caught.

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  • Hot as fuck mmmmmmmmm

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