Why can't I

I'm fourteen years old and love my daddy. my mother left us last year for a traveling sale's man. I started looking at daddy sexually at 10 but knew he would not let me be with him. So when mom left last year I decided to start to see If I could get my daddy in bed. I started wearing a t-shirt with white panties and no bra. Then when that didn't work after a while I decided this is the only way to get to him is to walk around nude. It didn't work at first he kept telling to put some clothes on. One day I aid daddy I'm hot I want you to fuck me. He said Brenda is that what all of this is about I said yes. He laid me back on the couch licked my pussy until I orgasm and then picked me up and laid me on his bed and said baby are you sure and I said yes daddy. Brenda this will hurt a little bit are you ready. I said yes daddy oh yes. He put something on his cock and then put some on my pussy and when he slipped it in I felt some pressure but didn't say anything so he went in a little deeper and I felt a lot of pain but still didn't say any thing and soon It felt natural as he slip in and out in and out until he shot his load of cum in side my womb. He said now Brenda Ann you are a woman now I want you all the time ok. I said yes daddy yes you have your little girl any time you want. any comments will be welcome. Brenda Ann Johnson I'm also on Yahoo messenger any one want to continue to chat just ask for invite and I can bring you in.

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  • Yup tell me about it girl. Them freaks labeling you as some 'pedo' are so stupid, they don't even know what they are trying to say. PEDO is not a word. They most likely label you as that due to them being whatever that means.

    Next they will be saying more stupid words like "there is no there, there.

    These liberals will never grow up & mature. SAD.

  • You will probably learn about it when you repeat second class, you half wit

  • Good stuff Buddy your brilliant at shutting this clown down keep it up, regards

  • Great at least this old pedo has shut up, he's easily caught out HAHAHAHAHA

  • What is a Pedo somebody like you Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  • Yep 100% sure this is the same old pedo that pretends to be a naughty little school girl always getting her bum spanked, sasha or a few other silly names.
    Look buster fuck off noone wants to hear your shit go to the corner and jerk off.

  • What are you talking about i'm 100% you don't know what or who u are talking about. dummy who am I if u are so sure tell me that.

  • I think this sounds like Sasha again, please go away.

  • Who is Shasta show me a picture of her so I can show you one of me.

  • Mmmm damn it

  • What is your problem damn it do you know what you are talking about

  • Geeesh, dude...get a life.

  • I'm no dude I'm just a girl wanting her dad and not you ass hole

  • I'm not a dude I'm a girl loving my daddy and why are you so mean

  • Not you again Sasha your a pain in the arse, piss off

  • I don't know Sasha but you don't know Me eighter

  • Who is Sasha I don't know any Sasha I'm Brenda and my Daddy John Johnson

  • OK prove it what town are you from ?

  • Birmingham, al

  • Thanks cops will be knocking soon

  • Thanks my sons are Lawers who beat the cops. My investigater is looking into your past uncle Joe. you are just mad because I didn't give you any pussy you jerk.

  • Stop carrying on like your innocent your just an old pedo pretending to be a naughty school girl so piss off

  • Do you know Brenda Ann Johnson from al. she is better than you are and says keep your stinking cock to your self and leave her alone

  • Yes and you know me who am I . I don't want you around me your old dick is a neusance. don't mean any thing to me hahahah.

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