My freshman year in high school I made cheerleading squad. I found out after our first win there was a party.
I found out to stay on squad I had to pick 5 names out of bowl and have sex with the.

I had two drinks and I was a little horn a lot horny my panties were very wet. From flashing guys as the skirts are very short.

Any way the head cheerleader lead me to her dad's bedroom. She told me to get naked she send first guy up. I was extremely nervous as I was a virgin. the first guy came in and he was sweet a gentle. As soon as he broke my virginity he came in me. The nest 3 guys were about same as first. I thought what's big deal about sex.

Then the last guy came in I saw it was the cheerleader capts dad. I tried to cover myself but he said he was the last guy. I said no way. He said are you sure and he clicked on TV there I was bare ass naked. Then he clicked a few more buttons and it showed me losing my virginity and the other guys. He said this tape could stay in his private collection or all over school and to my dad.

I agreed and he stripped and started making out. He said he usually likes to get a girl really wet but I had enough cum in me so he fucked me doggie style.
He made me orgasm twice before he came in me

I they party had broke up my friend suggested I call my dad to say I was staying there until Sunday that it be hard to explain sex smell in my dad's car.

I agreed we went up stairs and found her dad coming out of shower. He told us to strip he was our uniforms to take a shower. My friend and I washed each other then got into her dad's bed naked.
All 3 of us had sex us sucking her dad and us licking each other soon her dad was fucking her then he switch to me. He came in me. Then my friend ask if I was on pill I said no I was a virgin until a few hours ago. She ran naked to her room came back with plan b saying she didn't want any pregnant cheerleaders on squad.

We spent most of the next day fucking and sucking her dad.

When I went home Sunday I had fresh clean uniform. My dad thought the skirt was to short as there was always a bit of panties showing

Later alone with mom she ask if I wanted to share anything I said you know don't you. She said she was young once and full of cum . I only told her I lost my virginity nothing more.
She said she pick up plan b but I told her on of the cheerleaders gave it to me
Then said she make doctors appointment for bc. That we better not tell my dad I'm not his sweet little girl.

Few months later I was sitting on my dad's lap in the uniform, I could feel him getting hard. He said sweetie he knew I wasn't his little girl anymore and said he had fantasy about me in uniform and then he kissed me like a lover.
How could I turn him down.
I got off his lap removed my panties and he had me sit right on his cock. He was thicker than any guy that was in me.
We kissed and I rode him good 15 minutes before he came in me.
He said I hope your on pill I teased him and said would it make a difference
He stayed hard and we moved to couch where he had made love to me with him on me. He came in me and I said daddy hope you do get me pregnant.
He said we better talk this over with mom. We'll needless to say I had to drop cheerleadering.
Every one wanted to know who the father was. I just said they didn't now him it was someone special

3 months ago

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    • All these crazy replies! I think incest is great. My sister and I have regular sex and we both enjoy it very much. Our partners know about it and encourage it. Thank you for posting

    • Your just a fool, see below for the Mighty anti incest warriors rave against you and learn decency.

    • YOUR A FUCKING MALE DICK HEAD! Incest is for imbeciles too homely, retarded, unwanted and mentality unstable to have a relationship with anyone outside of their family. You are a loser dude get over it or kill yourself! We hope you choose suicide because nobody wants to pay for your help since you can't! 

    • 👆👆👆SUCK IT BITCHES👆👆👆
      What you bitching about? You got replies!
      I loved you replies and what you called me!
      Because you still can't see the bigger picture!
      Eagerly awaiting your replies suck fucks!

    • First I'm not victim of incest or molested as a child!
I stumbled on confessions post by mistake and found the incest and pedophilia posts plus the link to here!

      ! was sickened by the fact that people would post sick things about incest and pedophilia and the moderators would do nothing! 
Incest causes irreparable harm to children and over 97% of incest involves an underage child! Since that 97 out of 100 cases of incest involves a child then that is also pedophilia! 

      These incest and pedophilia stories should never have been posted in the first place! If the site moderators won't stop it then I'm going to troll these stories until it stops! If it don't stop neither will I!


This place has no age verification and these stories can act as a training aid for an adult or minor to commit incest, pedophilia because of what they read here!


I did read a pedo reply where a father was molesting his severely underage daughter and another curious father was questioning how good it was! 
After a few replies that father came back and stated he did that to his daughter and he enjoyed it! I don't know if it was real but it was gross enough to make me sick and very angry especially if it is true!

This shit has to stop!

      I have called the FBI and have a case with them because some of these stories and posts are covered under the Obscenity act in 18 U.S.C. § 2251- Sexual Exploitation of Children
(Production of child pornography).

      But these people are in love with incest and pedophilia they are sexual predators that have acted or will act on their sickness! I'm not going to allow them to have a platform to post it on!

    • Incest lovers are so evil that they constantly uses death, killing, guns, suicide, among others. Their computers are probably under surveillance by the FBI because he is a threat to society.

    • Because incest is wrong in society period.
      Adults having sex has resulted in unplanned pregnancies! And that would extend to incest couples! With over a 42% birth defect rate in direct incest like brother, sister and sibling and parental or grand parents that is unacceptable!
      Human beings have an anti-incest mechanisms by instinct programed into us. It is known as the Yuck factor and it is an instinct period.
      Because of that most of society will not tolerate incest happening around us. Like seeing brother and sister holding hands or acting as a couple around us.
      The odds of both incest partners defeating the yuck factor simultaneously are greater then winning the lotto. So there is always a perpetrator and a victim! The victim may give in after a time and accept it, but would have never had incest if it wasn't for the perpetrator!
      Even when the victim gives in, they as well as the perpetrator may and has experienced regret from incest! The severity of that regret can and has led to suicide and murder! People that have experienced incest can and have experienced mental issues from mild too severe that requires extensive treatment and suffer PTSD for the rest of their lives. That goes for the perpetrator as well as the victim.
      A part of that regret is being shunned by family and friends when caught!
      Research has shown that incest is a very hazardous situation to get into! As the cost of incest with loss of human life as unexceptionable! It has also shown that over 97% of incest the victim is an underage child because children are easier to control and have incest sex with.
      There is many more reasons but I would need a large book to put it all into.
      Those are real facts based on research and arrests for incest!

    • Get this fact over 97% of incest involves a child!
1st. Father and daughter severely underaged!

2nd. Father and son severely underaged!

3rd. Adult male family member Grandfather, uncle, step parent involving a severely underage female child followed by a male child.

4th. Male sibling usually 5 plus years on the underage female child followed by a male child.
      Sibling experimentation is very rare except if one of the siblings is exposed to s** like being molested.

5th female adult incest with underage male child followed by female child

      6th Female sibling usually 7 years or more on underage male child followed by female child!
      Once again Sibling experimentation is very rare except if one of the siblings is exposed to sex like being molested.

Last and very very rare is mother or with underage male child followed by female child.

Child victims of incest, 25.6% of them had attempted suicide, 52.0% had suicidal ideation, and 23.6% have killed themself's! Major depressive disorder was the most common psychiatric diagnosis.


The remaining incest is adult incest involving adults is the lowest part of incest happening! Adult incest has its consequences to! 
Regret being number one especially if drugs or alcohol are involver at the time. Incest between adults have led to suicide or homicide mainly from fear of being caught! Mental conditions that range from suicide to homicide are part of incest.


Then there is pregnancy from incest! That too has caused murder because of false love syndrome. With a normal birth defect rate of around 4%, In non direct incest it jumps to 7% rate. In direct incest the birth defect rate skyrockets to 42%! Direct incest is incest between parents or grandparents-sibling s**. Non direct incest is 1st cousins and lower down the family tree.

    • It is estimated that incest occurs in 3-5% at any given time. That is 3 to 5 families in 100 families!
But over 97% of those incest cases are between an adult and a underaged child!


If incest occurred at the full 5% then with 97% of incest occurring with a child! That leaves 0.15% of adult and adult incest happening at any giving time!


Incest is going down due to it being much harder to commit incest without getting caught! 
DNA and genealogy being a big part of it!

    • You are fucked in your head! Go get mental health Idiot! Might I suggest a medication to try! It's made from Smith&Wesson! All you do is load the pills and put it to your head and squeeze the trigger! It's will cure everything.
      A bullet a day keeps the incest fucks away!!

    • Go fuck yourself first then slice your throat. You can also hang yourself or blow your brains out. Choose one and do your Family and society a favor. Your family won't have to go to court and be embarrassed by having a sexual predator in the family! Society won't have to pay for 3 hots and a cot for you in prison..

    • Fake cake incest propaganda! You haven't fucked anything but Mary Palm ( Rosy or sister Mary what ever you like dumb fuck) and her five children.

    • Get a shrink and a rope. Maybe the shrink will talk you out of using the rope. We hope the shrink helps tighten the noose around your neck..

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