My nurse before surgery

Right after COVID began to fill the news, I found myself in the hospital. Terrible times, everyone acted afraid until days later the negative test came back, so the surgery was scheduled.
I had several nurses during that period, I was there for 16 long miserable days, then finally scheduled.
One nurse I had was a rather plain woman about 30 or so, a bit heavy, but really nice. I liked her the most, we talked about everything.
The day of the surgery she came in and told me she had to bathe me, I told her I could do it myself but she said no, since my entire body had to be as sterile as possible since they were going to open me up.
First it was some red stuff, she spread that all over me from my shoulders to my feet. Then she rinsed that off, and began to soap me up. When she got to my groin I could not help but react, and I apologized. She told me it would be a very long time before I would see any action, "action" is the word she used, and she said she would be happy to help me out if I didn't mind. Some say it never happens in hospitals, I say it does. She gave me a glorious hand job while soaped up head to toe, then she rinsed me off, plastered that red stuff all over me again, and rinsed that off. When I woke up back in my room, there was a note telling me she enjoyed meeting me. Sadly, I never saw her again, I was sent home two days later and those were her days off.

2 months ago


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    • That was the worst fake shit you wrote yet.
      The red stuff is called betadine idiot and that hasn't been used in years for cleaning because of iodine allergies!
      They use chlorhexidine a light pink or blue soppy solution. But that don't happen till you are knocked out no nuts!
      Then when you are out they start cleaning fool!
      But they don't clean your whole body for surgery idiot. They clean about a foot around where they are going to cut you open. Then they place a plastic adhesive surgical drape over the area to seal your skin and the bacteria on you, then surgical cloth coverings are placed over the rest of your body for your testicle removal you had moron.

      Once again no nurse no matter what is going to risk their job, nursing license and face a lawsuit because you have to wait for your empty scrotum to heal by jerking you off dickless wonder!
      Stop fucking with nurse's and doctors asshole they make more money and have a real life and are not going to give that up for a loser like you!

    • Your posts are a hoot. I just love watching you pick apart the fake posts. But what's even better is that the worst offender seems always to respond with the same, 9 word vocabulary. It's so obvious when the facade is ripped aside and this guy is left with his tits hanging out. LOL!


    • There is not a requirement for any of these tales to be true. People will believe it, or not. Who cares?

    • Right now is not the time to belittle nurse's or doctors! They are going through hell trying to save lives of a lot of people. They have lost their lives and family members trying to save people! They are true heroes in this days. Give them the respect they deserve. Leave them out of your stories for now. The Op has been writing fake nurse doctor stories before and it is not right!

    • There is always one like you that no one cares about.

    • Just call them as I see them!

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