Should I and how to seduce my own father?

Hi all,

I am a 40 year old male. Bisexual and recently mostly gay.

All my life I never had a good close relationship with my father.. he was kinda distant, coarse and strict... and I was kinda sensitive, hungry for his love... and I believe that is one of the reasons why I am gay...

Anyway, as I mature, I realize I cannot change him, the way how he treats us (my mom, sis and me)
So I decided to change, to be more tolerant, not to fight back... be kind... etc...
and yeah, there are nice results... he is much kinder with me too... we speak more.. he even makes jokes with me...

And also, I feel like I need more, I need to hug him, kiss him, feel loved and cherished... and I want to love him and cherish him ...

So I have developed some kind of sexual attraction towards him... and I even made some jokes to that end... and he accepted those jokes and he even lowered his pants, and showed me his bulge nicely packed in underwear... I was astonished, I can imagine the look on my face... but apparently he wanted it...

maybe he suspects that I am gay (I am 40 and single, after all)

And now I wish to do more... I wish to do some more steps which would bring us closer, I wish to touch him.... I wish to hug him, touch his dick, kiss him...

should I do it? can you guys give me some ideas about how I should accomplish it .... to get him closer to me... (we dont drink alcohol, so it is out of question)

I wouldnt mind sucking his dick....

I know I am sick.. but I cant help it...


22 days ago

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    • Honestly just drop subtle hints at it every so often and maybe he'll realize it and agree to fuck your brains out but do it from time to time never to much at once esse him into it.

    • Your a FREAK! Jus like me 🙃😝 I’m a guy who wants to be a girl. I wanna shake my ass for a guy & have all his attention on my ass! 👱🏻‍♀️💅🏻🍑 im very into step family porn! You should let me be your adopted slut of a daughter! You can bend me over in my skirt & pound my booty while I’m giving head to your dad & you two can swap positions & dump your cum in me! ID LOVE TO BE YOUR FAMILY’S HOUSE MAID & when your mom & sister aren’t around you guys can tag team me whenever and wherever In your house!

    • Go get some help from a professional. Don't come in here expecting serious or helpful answers to such a ridiculous and contrived situation.

    • Suck my dick

    • Nobody is interested in you micro-dick! Ass wipe!

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