With girlfriends trans sister

Kaden’s twin brother Jordan identifies as a female.

Kaden and I have been an item since high school and I got to witness Jordan’s transformation from the start. At 15, Jordan became active with our school’s LBGTQ club and came out as homosexual.

Kaden’s mom agreed to let Jordan get laser hair removal and hormone therapy junior year. Kaden also had her v-jay hair removal too!! Kaden’s mom is a cougar (51) and addicted to plastic surgery. She hooked Jordan up with some great doctors. For their 18th birthday, their mom offered to get them both implants. Kaden declined but Jordan got a nice set of bolt on C’s. They look sexy on her tiny body.

Senior year, Jordan’s transformation was complete and decided to keep the name Jordan and told us she’s pansexual. Kaden and Jordan look like identical twins and can wear each other’s cloths. To give you and idea, Kaden’s 5” 2’ 32B, maybe 105lb and natural long blonde hair.

Jordan’s measurements are similar but uses the bottle to keep the hair blonde. She’s also HOT!! and looks amazing! It’s been 3 years since this all started and I can tell Jordan is more confident as a woman. Kaden and Jordan are vegan and do yoga together.

Kaden and I got accepted to a college 3 hours away. Jordan decided to enroll at a Cosmetology School nearby. Kaden and Jordan’s parents are loaded and signed a lease for a two bedroom apartment. Kaden and I have sex all the time and get along great! I’ll admit, it’s nice living with both of them. Jordan wears tiny shorts, sports bra, t-shirts with the sides cut out. Kaden’s noticed me checking out Jordan and told me she didn’t mind. She’s actually glad I’m accepting of her sister.

Kaden’s HOT but lately she only wears baggy pajamas to class or leggings with a baggy tunic. She doesn’t fix up like Jordan. Jordan spends a lot of time with hair, makeup, bright red lipstick and knows what to wear to get attention. Her style is a basic t-shirt with short skirt, knee socks and Chucks. Simple but she pulls it off plus she’s super flirty.

Last Tues. Kaden texted something broke in the middle of her organic chemistry experiment and she’s starting over. She’ll be least 3hrs late. Jordan came home looking F**king HOT in a mini skirt! I had a painful hard on. She sat next to me, stuck her hands in my shorts, stroked my dick and asked if I could keep things secret. I was a little shocked when she started sucking my dick and it was amazing! She said we can go f**k if I wanted to.

My dick was throbbing and I wanted to f**k so bad. I’d never thought of cheating on Kaden but Jordan was making it easy for me to forget. She’s gorgeous!! This may sound awkward because I didn’t know how this was going to work. She told me she’d guide me through it and not to worry. She also told me I didn’t have to give her oral if I didn’t want to. She was so horny she was about to explode too! We went to her bedroom and F**ked!!!

Her dick was hard, smooth and the size of my middle finger! I almost blew my load when she said I do that to her. omg! She’s so passionate way she sucked my dick. She was obsessed with pleasing me! omg!! She put lube on my dick then got on top and guided it into her ass and her balls pressed against my stomach when she bottomed out! I loved squeezing her fake tits! F**K!! She squirted lube on my hand and put it on her dick and I stoked it as she f**ked me. I squeezed her firm ass. I tried to last but unloaded all I had in her ass. The entire experience was f**king dope and I can’t get her out of my mind right now! I want to suck her tiny dick.

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  • What a fantasy? I have the same fantasy but I am stroking a big cock while I fuck my girl in the ass stroking her dick.

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