Took it to the next level

I'm 25 and live in a 2 bedroom house with a buddy of mine. The two of us know everything about each other. We even jack off together sometimes. First time, I didn't know if I should. I was in my room and he was in his. He texted me asking what I was up to. I said, "Fixing to jerk off then go to sleep." This isn't out of the ordinary. He said, "Come in here." I said, "Ok. I'll be in there after." He said, "Just come on."

He put on a video from pornhub that he likes. He put his hand in his shorts and started rubbing himself. I got hard but didn't do anything. He said, "What? Scared? Gonna make me do it first?" He took off his shorts. He said, "It's just two guys jerking off together. No big deal."

A week or so later he texted me again. He said, "Wanna come in and jerk off with me?" I said, "Yeah sure." This time while we were doing it he said, "How often do you jack off?" I said, "Every day." He said, "Yeah. Same. You know I kinda like having you in here to do this with."

So we started jacking off together more often. Then a couple weeks later, I took it a step further. I had been thinking about his cock all week. We were watching porn. I picked one where a bisexual husband has a threesome with his wife and another guy. His cock got hard and so did mine. This time I reached over and started jacking him off. He didn't do anything at first. He said, "I kinda like this." And we jerked each other off."

Next night we got home and just both went to his room. We got naked and got into bed. He put on porn and it was a locker room spy cam one. We had started jerking each other off and I leaned over and started sucking his dick. He said, "Oh God yes." I said, "This ok?" He said, "I've wanted this since the first day you moved in." I said, "Shoulda said something." He said, "Like what? He we work together and are cool. Wanna suck each other's dicks?" I said, "Yeah. Exactly that." He said, "You would have?" I said, "Yeah."

So I sucked his dick for a bit. Then he wanted to suck mine so we 69d. Then I layed him on the bed and continued to suck his dick. He said, "I was enjoying sucking you btw." I got on top of him and slid his cock in my ass. He said, "We really doing this?" I said, "Yep." He fucked me good. Didn't tell me when he was about to cum until it was too late. Filled my ass with his cream. Then he finished sucking me off.

Afterwards, he said, "Things gonna get weird now?" I said, "Why would they? It would only be weird if we didnt have sex anymore." He said, "So again. This gonna be weird?" I said, "Depends. When are you gonna want sex again?" He said, "Tomorrow?" I said, "So, when we get home from work tomorrow, fuck me then."

We had sex for the first time 3 months ago. We've had sex every day since.

4 months ago

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    • I wish i was a roommate i love sucking dick and getting fucked

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