Dared my GF

This is not a fantasy, this is actual events best remembered.
A few years back... me and my GF(21) decided we needed some sun, sea and lots of fun!
With our bags packed, we jetted off to Turkey. The Hotel was basic as was the room but it was ground level and near to the entrance. We felt safe knowing the reception was manned 24/7.

Our first day was spent mainly at the beach and bars, taking in the views and drinking way more than we should have.
My GF is not a shy girl, quiet the opposite. She loved to tease, but what she loved most, was the control she had on these men lusting after her.
Now I’m not the jealous type, in fact I like to encourage her to tease. Its what made our relationship last so long. It’s so hot seeing you GF wearing next to nothing, leaving very little to the imagination, while complete strangers do their best to chat her up.
Time seemed to fly by and the sun had been replaced by the stars. We needed to head back to our hotel, have a shower and head back out. Well that was the original plan...!
My GF only had a wrap around shawl to walk back in and she was already swaying. She had a nip slip that needed readjusting.
To be honest, I was loving this show.... The nip slip happened again but on this occasion I decided not to tell her as we passed a small local bar near to our hotel. I noticed a couple of local older guys looking and grinning.
Once we had passed I let her know and to my delight she told me she didn’t care who saw her. Now when my GF talks like this, I know she’s drunk and usually open for more adventurous going’s on.
Once we passed the bar, I dared her to remove her bikini bottoms for the remainder of our walk back. Without a word they were off. Her small and loosely fitted shawl just about covering her very tidy pussy!
As we approached the hotel, I could tell this was the end of our night. She was very drunk but enjoying her moment. As we walked into the hotel we were greeted by the the receptionist. He spoke very little English but I did notice he couldn’t keep his eyes off my GF. She had no idea who we were taking to or even what he looked like.
As we walked to our room. I came up with a daring plan.
The dare was.... she would fake it by collapsing to the floor. I will ask the receptionist for help get her back to our room. Once in, I would ask him to help me get her into bed....
Is that all she said.... laughing.
I said ok.... let him finger you. I said you’re in control.... you take it as far as you want!
I thought that would get her going.
Boom.... she started to moan and then fall to the floor. My first thought was... ‘that was good, had me convinced but definitely had the receptionist fooled.
I asked the receptionist for help. Not easy to do when you don’t speak the same language but after a few hand signals he was willing to help. Just as we got her back to her feet the two old guys I just saw at the bar, walked in and noticed the three of us. The next thing I know one of the guys comes over to help.
All this time my GF is pretending to be passed out.
I’m now thinking this could go wrong or it’s about to get very interesting.
Some how we managed to get to our room and plonk her on the bed.
My heart was pounding.... did she know there were not one but two strangers in our room? She continued to play her part... here goes I thought. The guys were about to leave when they noticed me undoing the bikini top.
Need to get her in bed, I said and then demonstrated. Their faces looked confused but clearly understood. I stepped back and signed for them to continue.
I can’t tell you how hot this was..... The receptionist was a little hesitant but I watched as the old guy walked over and finished the job of, removing her top.
This is it.... I waved him on and watched as he removed the shawl.
We all stood to admire the beauty.... I could tell she was enjoying it. She wiggled a little on the bed and in doing so parted her legs.
I looked at her, then at them and gave them a nod.
I stood back and watched the old guy go straight to her pussy.
This was about to get a very weird. I watched as he pulled his lose fitted trousers right down to reveal a rather large and fully erect dick.
He pulled my GF to the edge of the bed, spread her legs and started to rub the tip of his dick against her pussy.
Without a second word.... he was in. I was watching a very old looking, over weight, sweaty 60+ year old, fucking my GF!
WoW... was my first thought. My second was Shit no condom!
Ohh well to late now...!

I watched the receptionist grope her tits and wipe his dick on her face....

And then it was all over... They left and we just lay there taking it all in!

We both fell asleep soon after and it was in the morning we discussed the previous nights activities.

No regrets from either of us....

That was just the first night!

4 months ago

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