Sister in Law

When My older brother was discharged from the Army he took a job as a police officer in out town and then Married Opal a beautiful Red headed woman with two small boys.
He later was let go because of the city budget but took a job with Folsom prison but was assigned to a fire camp and He could only get home a couple times a month and one summer when I had just turned 16 he was assigned to a camp in northern Calf and would be gone all summer.
Opal asked Mom to watch her sons and asked me if I wanted to work at a ski resort for the summer with her.
I was eager to go and Mom must have suspected something because she took me aside and told me to be good.
We got a job at a ski resort that also had summer facility's like horseback riding and a swimming pool.
I was put to work cleaning windows and a part time lifeguard and Opal had told management that I was her brother and we would share our room.
Right off when we were in our Room Opal would walk around with very little on and I had a constant hard on all the time.
There was a young girl there that was willing so I got some relief when we could get together but Opal had other plans.
I was just this stupid boy never suspecting that she was looking for some young stuff and had never made a pass at her or anything so one evening when I was very horny with her walking around in her panty's and bra I tried to sneak out but she stopped me asking me if I would rub her back for her and I was very embarrassed standing there with my dick hard but she laid on her belly and said sit on my legs and just rub my back for me and I did but I was breathing hard and after just a short time she said your pants are to rough take them off don't worry I wont look
I turned my back and slipped my pants off and she was getting impatient telling me to get back to business and I tried hiding my hard on but she could feel it anyway and I heard her laugh softly then her ass started to move rubbing my cock and she asked do you have a girl fried Larry and I was trying to control myself but the cheeks of her answered still moving against my cock and Opal said oh for gods sake Larry pull my panty's down and stick that thing in me for Christ's sake I wont bite so I did and she was really wet so I was balls deep in her then totally embarrassed when I started Cumming.
Opal laughed and said just leave it there you are young and will recover soon and then she said god you are so dense at times now stop screwing that young girl before you knock her up.
She was right in just minutes we were fucking again and Opal came very well making mea very proud young lad and for the rest of the summer we fucked several times a day.
She had a baby the next spring and I have often wondered if it was my baby but her and Jim have been happy and Opal never tried anything with me again. It sometimes feels like maybe I imagined it all in my mind.

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