The Dressing Room

I decided I needed a new bra for my 36 DD’s. I love Victoria’s Secret, so I went there and got flirty with a sales clerk. She helped me pick out a few, and escorted me to the dressing room. The problem was, I’d asked for 34 D’s. When she checked on me, I told her I was having issues, and that it had been a long time since I’d been fitted properly. I opened the door and stood there with my tits nearly bursting out of the cups. She eyed them and smiled, telling me we’d chosen the wrong size.

I pulled straps and pushed off the cups, let my tits flop out and kind of rubbed them a bit like they’d suffered under the tight restraints. I asked her if she’d measure me. She just gasped at my large mounds and stiff nipples. I laughed. That got her attention. I apologized, telling her cute girls always made my nips hard. She blushed and my cunt moistened. She really was cute, and probably not even 21 years old.

She properly measured me, and I might have leaned into her when she did it. She went back and picked the same bras in the bigger size while I tried on the cute panties. She asked if I wanted the bras, so if course I opened the door. I stood there, tits fully exposed, shaved pussy peeking through the tightly pulled thong. I asked how people wear them and she glanced down. I told her it was comfy and she suggested not pulling them up so high. So I ran my finger through them and pulled them out of my pussy lips and over to the side. I told her I’d rather not wear any than wear that and if I had a girlfriend she’d just have to deal with it. She handed me the bras and went to leave but I asked her to stay. I’d like an opinion on them I told her. I peeled off the thong and turned to try on another pair, bending at the waist to give her a nice ass view. When I turned around she was clearly nervous. I whispered and asked if she was uncomfortable and she said a little. I apologized and said I forget that everyone isn’t into girls. She said she was. So I touched myself, and let my finger slide down to my pussy and rubbed my clit. I told her I would love it if she touched me. She reached out and ran her fingertip over my clit, and as she pulled away, I grabbed her hand and pushed it back. I stuck her finger inside me and two other fingers went with it. I soaked them. I pumped her fingers into me and watched her face as I did it. Her eyes barely open, stayed heavy. I whispered yes over and over, running my other hand down her face. I’m going to cum, I told her and I did, all over her fingers. I pulled them out and licked them, then gave them to her to lick. She had a button down shirt on and I quickly unbuttoned it and sucked her tit. I slid my fingers under her skirt and inside her panties. Her cunt was wet and slippery so my fingers went right in. She came fast and I licked my fingers, tasting her juicy pussy cum and loving it. Found out she’s 22 and I’m 39. She is hot. I’ll buy bras from her every damn day.

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  • Absolutely beautiful! For her, the experience was powerful and captivating. Her gasp was involuntary, and your laughter at it was a shot of powerful, erotic humiliation. She KNEW that YOU knew that her involuntary gasp 'gave her away.' She was helpless to conceal her response.

    Your body [and her clear response to it] established YOU as the 'dominant woman.' She felt submissive ... that she was SUPPOSED to cooperate and follow your lead. Saying she's cute and makes your nips hard made her blush because she found that profoundly erotic. That involuntary, powerful sexual response also led to astonishment at your sexual power. You confirmed that by opening the door to reveal your remarkable bust! She envies/covets what you have and aches for HALF your sexual confidence.

    Getting that admission of nervousness affirmed your dominance and further aroused her. No wonder that she finished on your fingers so fast! Everything you post says that her arousal was out of control. She will long relive this and those fantasies will drive her sexual response. I suggest a return visit for 'something else you'd like.' Take a very hot selfie and offer to forward it to her phone. Once you have her number, the 'hunt' and relationship is on!

  • I’ve already been back.

  • Did you meet this same girl? And if so, were there any other developments?

    I have a hunch -- and my hunches tend to be good; they're usually right -- that you could make this young woman 'yours.'

    I think she'd be very devoted to you and feel honored/privileged to have that relationship with you...

  • She was there. She was nervous when I walked in and spotted her. She asked if I needed to try anything on. I suggested she pick some things for me and I asked her her size. I picked some things for her. She helped me to a room, and I closed the door, not letting her in with me.

    I think it shocked her. When I tried on the first bra and thong, I stepped out of the dressing room and asked her what she thought, spinning around to give her a full view. I asked her to help me out of the bra and let her in the room with me.

    She unhooked it and froze. I turned and let her touch my tits but quickly pulled back. God is was heaven to watch her sweat.

    I did that with 4 bra and panty sets and then asked her if her pussy was wet. She smiled and I told her to let me feel it.

    I stuck my finger inside her and she was soaked. I fingered her a little and pulled my finger out. I asked her which set she liked the best and told her to pick one of the ones I’d picked for her - they are all red and perfect for her skin tone. I asked if she worked Friday and she said Yes till close so I said would be back at the time the store closed and wait for her.

    We’re going to my house tonight. I’m going to fuck her until she’s numb. And I plan to ride her face for hours. She’s beautiful. So so beautiful.

    I would rather be the student with someone older. Then again, I love this little secret life I have. I can only do this when my husband is gone.

  • So fucking hot!!

  • I love it I troll lesbian bars in the city when my husband is out of town I prefer young tomboys the seem to love ravaging an fem older woman and I like them a little bossy

  • Everything you've done is an erotic 'gut-punch' for her! When you expose yourself to her, any resistance she MIGHT offer simply melts away. She doesn't know HOW to resist you!

    It's a shame if you can take her only when your hubby is elsewhere. Could she gain 'girlfriend' status? Background story -- you met when you were out shopping [true!] and liked each other [VERY true]. Take her out for coffee. You had a good time and your friendship grew from there ...


  • Nervous ... shocked ... froze ... sweat.

    Everything I said was correct. You TOLD her to 'let me feel it' and she was powerless/helpless to forbid/stop it. And she was soaked!

    You have made her yours. And I couldn't be more proud of you! Oh, and I'm older. But you're doing just fine without my tutelage!

  • I need to shop at that story. Fuck that’s hot.

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