It Only Was Supposed To Be Movies

It was silly, but I was looking forward to tonight. It had been too long since my older brother and I had spent any time together since he'd moved away for a job, and I honestly missed him. Plus, any time our parents left us to our own devices, there was a good time to be had. Junk food, horrible B-movies, and just fun in general.

We bid our parents goodbye, waving to the car as it disappeared out of sight. Josh's arm slung over my shoulders, squeezing me tight for a moment before he completely trapped me and rubbed his knuckles against my head. "Got ya" he cried, my laughter mixing with his before I finally ducked out of his hold and shoved him playfully.

"Come on, we've got pizza to order and movies to ruin our brains with," I told him, grinning wide as I pulled him eagerly back into the house.

And so the night began, as ordinarily as any other time. We ordered our pizza and settled in for the first movie, laughing and cracking jokes at all of the worst parts. Our food arrived, we ate entirely too much, and then went right into the second flick. Near the end, we were undoubtedly growing a little bored and our occasional conversation grew more and more steady. When the movie ended, we laughed and I disentangled myself from the large blanket we'd been sharing on the couch. "I need to go pee," I told my brother. As I left I was unaware of the way his eyes had roamed over me.

I came back to, "Lets channel surf," he urged me, gesturing for me to join him back on the couch. I frowned, clearly disappointed, but traipsed back to the sofa nonetheless. I buried myself back under the blanket, eager for its warmth. The flimsy t-shirt and gym shorts I wore did little to keep the chill out, after all.

The TV flickered as the channels changed; infomercial, cartoon, news, sports. The same thing over and over and over again, until one flash landed on a rather erotic scene and an accompanying moan. I felt my cheeks warm, and I pushed my foot out to Josh with a squeak of disapproval. "Turn it!"

Josh's face had lit up, like he'd found a treasure. "What? Why? This is awesome, when did Dad get porn??" He laughed, then shifted as though getting comfortable before grabbing my pestering foot to still me.

It was horribly wrong, but it was also exciting. It was like those dark nights when we'd stumble across a steamy scene on one of the premium cable channels. We'd be quiet, studying this foreign material with such curiosity. Things had changed, though; for one, we'd both grown up and now knew what all the fuss was about. And this was definitely not a steamy scene from a premium channel. This was hardcore, unadulterated porn.

We grew quiet. It was a little unsettling, but eventually the only sounds were the moans and grunts of the lovers on screen and our heavier breathing. I was a unnerved by how aroused I'd become, and surprised to suddenly realize that Josh's hand on my foot was still there. Tight, unyielding. I swallowed hard, then shifted slightly as I turned to lie down with my feet in his lap, fully aware of my heel now pressing lightly against what I could only guess was his erection. I heard his breath catch, but I dared not look at him.

The scene on the screen was intoxicating. The couple was young, both of them full of energy and vigor as they went at one another with enthusiasm. My foot shifted experimentally as the girl began to choke down her costar's cock; I slid it against Josh's warm dick in time, wondering if he liked it. Why was I doing this? This was crazy. I needed to stop.

But I didn't, and it took less than a minute for his fingertips to cautiously slip along my leg. They paused tentatively at the hemline of my shorts, and I hesitated for the briefest moment before shifting and turning over on to my back. I kept my eyes glued to the screen, as though afraid of seeing him staring at me--- but eye contact was not needed.

His hand slid upward, fingertips grazing against my slit through my panties. The gym shorts were baggy enough to allow him plenty of room, and I knew that he could feel how wet I already was. Fuck, this was not good. But it felt better than anything I'd ever known, so I only lifted my hips invitingly before arching my foot against his cock a bit more firmly.

Josh's hand pressed against my core, testing me through the soaked panties as though unsure of how far I'd let him go. His test did not last long, and eventually he nimbly hooked his fingers against the opening of my panties to explore without the barrier between us. I let out an involuntary whimper of pleasure; I could feel just how wet I was, how slick I'd become as his fingers slid against my folds in their search. He found my clit with expertise, then rolled it between his forefinger and thumb as I finally closed my eyes. Whatever was happening on screen was not nearly as incredible as this.

It was all so fast, and yet so achingly slow. The pleasure built immediately, causing my chest to tighten and my hips to quiver. But his movements were slow and exploratory, seeking what gave me the most pleasure as he claimed that most private part of my body. A digit slid deeply into me, his finger curling against my cunt before being joined by another. It was overwhelming, delicious, utterly disarming--

Just as quickly as it had come, it ended. The phone rang, shrill and loud, and we both jerked back from what had been happening. I scrambled to sit up and grab the remote, muting the pornographic sounds of wet skin and expletives. Josh cleared his throat and avoided looking at me, his focus intense as he picked up the phone and pressed the button.

"Hello? Oh, hey dad."

I felt my face burning. It was the worst possible person in the world on the other end. Like they'd known what was happening. Like they had to stop it.

"No, we're good. Just watching some movies. Yeah, we had pizza. Yeah. Mmhmm." I finally dared to look at Josh as he spoke, and I felt the pleasure in my pussy flare back to life. He looked flushed, his gaze was dark, full of desire. I didn't care about the awkward one-sided conversation for a moment, until he spoke again.

"No, you guys have fun. We'll be fine here. Yeah, I'm sure," he finished, glancing at me at last. Was I hearing that correctly? Our parents weren't coming home?

He swallowed hard, then said goodbye before hanging up and setting the phone down. There was a long, quiet moment where we both seemed to weight our options carefully. I decided first, and it took two seconds to crawl across the couch and straddle him.

He didn't push me away. He didn't try to rationalize or remind me of how wrong that was, or apologize for what he'd done. He just gave a low grunt as he gripped the bottom of my t-shirt and yanked it upwards. I let it go, my bare, pert breasts puckering both from the cool air and from my arousal. My nipples becoming hard and poking out.

Josh gave them a lingering, hungry look, then leaned forward to latch on to one pink nipple. I cried out, my hips bucking against him hard as I sought that pressure against my groin. My hands threaded into his hair, encouraging him, before one hand slid down between us to grip his throbbing cock. He was big, bigger than any of the guys I'd been with, and I couldn't help whimpering at the thought of having him inside of me.

I didn't know how it was happening, but it was happening fast. He continued his attentions on my breasts, but his hands were sliding down to reposition us. He deftly pushed my panties aside once more, while I feverishly pulled his cock through the opening in his sweats. It took one simple angle to get the head of his cock against my folds, where I grinded eagerly for a moment. It was intense, perfect, and yet I wanted more. He did, too, and I didn't need much more coaxing. Josh's hands gripped my ass cheeks, pulling me down slowly. He was gentle, but he kept pulling me down onto his cock until I had swallowed it whole.

I cried out, and his own groan was barely muffled by the mouthful of breast he still clung to. He filled me up, almost too much, and I felt my pussy clenching tightly to my own brother's dick. I took one small moment for myself to adjust, and then lifted up before moving completely back down again.

Harder and harder I began riding. Josh's hands gripping my ass and pulling me to him roughly as we fucked there on the couch. The sounds of the porno earlier had been mild compared to this -- his hand slapped my thigh, my cunt squelched around his cock, and the words that tumble from his lips promised an array of filthy things he was going to do with his sister before the night was over.

I bounced harder, feeling my climax come closer and closer, before Josh sensed it as well and turned the tables. He leaned up, grabbing my slim body and holding me up as he rolled us over onto the floor. My back hit the rug, and he was immediately thrusting into me harder and more deeply than before. I cried out at the new angle, my hips shifting upward as he grabbed my right leg and pulled it up high over his shoulder. Drilling into me, my brother looked deep into my eyes as his cock erupted inside of me.

And I came, harder than I ever have before, the feeling of his cock throbbing and spurting deep inside of me is all it took.

The world grew quiet for a moment, our breathing slowly returning to normal. After what seemed like forever, Josh breathlessly kissed my cheek, squeezed a tender nipple, and looked down at me.

"Like I said, we've got all night," he whispered.

4 months ago

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