Never saw this coming

I am a 41 year old female going through a divorce. My best friend since middle school Jill invited me to stay at her house while she went on a cruise over Christmas so she wouldn't have to board her pet and she'd be home on the 30th and I wouldn't be alone for New Year's Eve.( Warning it's a long story)

Real quick about my situation. I married my high school first and only love at 19. My soon to be my ex was my first and my only lover. My ex never wanted children so I never had children and for 23 years my husband never made me feel loved, no matter what I did, I stayed in shape with yoga and jogging unlike a lot of my friends who put on weight and body fell out of shape. I think for 41 I look good. Im 5' 7 inches tall 36C breasts and a 24 inch waistline. Shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. Everyone except my husband say I look good.

So I arrived at my best friend house she wrote down what time to feed the dog and how times to walk him. Help yourself to anything and sleep in my bed if you like or in Josh's bed. Josh is her 19 year old Son a boy I have known since his birth. Where is Josh I asked? He's spending Christmas at his girlfriend house, since going to college this is the first time they've seen each other since last summer. They both plan on visiting on the 30th. With that we said our goodbyes.

Now that everyone is gone I thought it's time to take a bath change into something comfortable and drink a bottle of wine. It was a very quite night I finished off the bottle and walked up to Josh's room to go to bed.
I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow. hours later. I felt very cold and couldn't feel the comforter. I woke up from being cold when I look at the other side of the bed and it was Josh laying there, I could smell the alcohol of his breath. It took a second to sink in not only is Josh passed out next to me but he was completely naked. Not wanting to embarrass anyone I moved very softly and was planning to sneak out without him waking up and act like I slept in his mother bed.
I was able to get out of the bed without waking him. This is the point I should have tip-toed out of his room, instead I found myself frozen looking, admiring more like his body. I've never ever looked at him like this every before but then again he never looked like this the boy had become a man. His stomach was chiseled I could see each muscle, Ive red about men shaving their pubic area but never saw how good it looked. He was laying on his back with his penis laying flat on his stomach his sack was hairless and smooth which went up to his shaft. I couldn't believe the thickness of his shaft. My husband penis was 6 inches long but very thin. Josh had a thick vien in the middle of his penis that was the thickness of my husband penis Josh thick shaft was at least 7 maybe 8 inches from sack to his helmet which was so fat. I couldn't stop looking at it. I know it's wrong but had no idea a penis could look so good at this time I began to feel a tingling in my vagina. Once I noticed I was getting wet looking at his naked body. I forced myself out of the room. I ran to the other room jumped in the bed and feel back asleep thinking about his penis.

The next morning Josh walked down to the kitchen and proceeded to tell me his girlfriend cheated on him while at college and she broke up with him and he has no idea how he got into bed.
He mentioned me being in the bed so I thought it's best for everyone not to mention it.

Later that day Josh told me he was going to a house party with intentions of getting drunk. Have fun and remember leave the car here. Back to being alone again I cracked a bottle of wine got comfortable. Took my bra and my panties off and put on a oversized white shirt. As i sat there drink my legs opened a little and found my self thinking about Josh's penis, I was very horny my right hand was stroking my inner thigh between feeling a buzz from the wine thoughts of that thick penis my hand went towards my vagina and I knew I had no choice but to lay back close my eyes and let my fingers satisfy my need.

Just at that moment I hear the front door open. I jumped right up close my legs and had a little laugh inside my head thinking a minute later and I would have been caught in a embarrassing predicament. It was Josh and I could see he was upset and crying. What's wrong Josh? I can't believe that bitch. Woo slow down I said what bitch? . My girl friend I mean my ex girlfriend she showed up to the party with her new boyfriend and as he says that tears are pouring down his face. I reached out my arms to comfort him and he wraps his arms around me hugging me sobbing, I start to tell him it will be ok, when I felt his arms begin to move down towards my ass, his both hands start to rub my ass with one of them raising my my shirt going underneath. I turn so his hand is now on my hip when he softly starts kissing my breasts from outside the shirt. Josh Josh you're upset just as I get upset out he has lifted my shirt over my head and begins to kiss my nipples now my brian is screaming stop my body is screaming yes yes. I noticed his hands were no longer on me just his tongue licking my breasts. That when I noticed his hands were taking of his trousers and they dropped to his ankles. It went in a matter of seconds me consoling him to his pants off my sleep shirt on the floor. My hands were frozen around his waist not moved once that's when Josh gets the back of my hand with his hand and guides it to his penis. Every part of me wanted to pull my hand away but I was fascinated with this fat cock in my hand something my whole life never felt such a massive penis. He sits down on the chair and reaching for my head pulls me down to his cock now my both hands are stroking his penis and my face was inches away. Josh grabs his penis and places it on my lips. The voices screaming no were gone now I am stretching my mouth wide trying to put his helmet inside. It started to hurt so I just started to lick it. Josh says to me you want to suck it. Yes but its too thick. That's when he stood up picked me carrying me over to the kitchen table and lays me back as he starts licking my inner thigh, his thumb is flicking my clit and I could feel one then two fingers go inside me, that's when he says you are very tight but very wet, my ex never spoke like this way to me. I wasn't sure how to answer so i said nothing. He opens my legs and says are ready for my cock. Again I said nothing. He said it again tell me you want my cock. I said yes I want your cock feeling silly saying it. I could feel his helmet begin to enter "my" "my" I could feel my vagina ripping he put his helmet inside and started to pump in out only the depth of his helmet. Then he stopped and I could feel my vagina begin to adjust. You need to tell me if you want more. You're so tight I bet your husband isnt as big as me? No he isn't I said. Please Josh fuck me he put more in I could feel an orgasm coming on. Who's the man? You are, that's right I am the man and you're my little slut. What I thought and before I could say don't call me a slut he rammed his cock deep inside me stretching my inside out I let out the loudest scream it hurt so bad but felt amazing if that makes sense and he begins to fuck me real hard and fast I came instantly and I began to come again and again. Never ever had a multi orgasm now I am moaning very loud not caring one bit in 23 year's I have never came this much or been loud. He'd sink his cock deep inside then pull out slowly to the point his helmet just go outside then ram it back I exploded with that movement. Oh yeah he said. I can feel you coming do you want to feel another one. Yes Yes fuck me give it to me, Are you my little slut? This time he said I found myself not thinking insulted by his remark instead yes I am your slut. I am a slut he bottom out again and this time I feel something building inside Josh is moaning. He pulls out real fast and says suck it slut and I couldn't believe I did just that his first load shot all over my face I had come all over my face then I didn't think it possible he grabs the back of my head put his helmet into my stretched jar and shot another load in my mouth then a smaller third to finally a drizzle suck it all up. At this point I didn't need his instructions I was doing things I never thought I would swallowing what i could licking his shaft wiping my face and licking my fingers. Josh had fuck me to exhaustion, I laid there for a few minutes not moving. I almost fell asleep when I felt his penis get hard again and I could see by the look on his face he was ready to fuck me again. I was right. He said now that you got taste for me we can have some real fun. My husband penis was too thin that he didn't like me on top because everytime I go up his penis would slip out. Not with Josh I found myself riding up and down his shaft not once slipping out, he fuck me from behind, sideways. When I woke up the next morning my vagina was raw, I lost count how times I came, he taught me to click my jaw and not gag and I was able to get half his cock down my throat.

In a million years yesterday morning I would have never ever imagined what happened and I went from his mother best friend to his little slut and behaving like it and scary still loving being a slut.

I know I can't continue with Josh I cant do that to my friend. He said later he would like to fuck me in ass and I cant wait. Once he does that its over with him. Josh let free the woman my husband suppressed and now I have got taste for cock I plan on fucking every guy I find sexy. I married my high school sweetheart at 19 and for 23 year's only had sex with his pencil dick. I had no idea because a pencil dick doesn't make me realize I am slut and I don't care.

11 days ago

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    • I have been married 20 years we dated since we wear 15 married at 18 and I also have a 6 inch thinner cock. I know my wife would feel the exact same way but she refuses to even look at another cock I have even set her up to see a big cock. I had my friend stay over and told him how I felt as we had been friends since grade school he knew I was not well endowed and I had seen his hanging in the showers it was impressive so he acted like he was getting his house worked on and stayed with us for three days I made sure I had to work late one night and Did everything I could to give him every chance to seduce her and he said she defiantly saw his c—k as he got out of the shower and waited till she opened the door to make sure she saw it he said he got her to be flirty back with him a little but that was it. then I heard a bit of gossip about my wife’s friends little indiscretion so I told her my deal and got her to bring a guy over and keep her mouth shut . So she brought a Very well hung and decent looking younger guy to a hot tub party wear I saw my wife Look at the bulge in his suit And immediately blush and look away so I caught him in the hallway and I asked him If he liked her and he said hell yeah she looks like a lotta “fun” and he was aware I wanted her to notice So I told him I would appreciate it if he would make sure she knew he felt that way and I was good with whatever happened and he said he put his best moves on her As I took a long time coming back from the bathroom but still Nope she just got out the hot tube As I came back came over kissed me good night and asked me to not stay to long. And no I’m not complaining she is the best wife in the world but I know I am not pleasing her and I wish she could feel as satisfied as I do ever time I am with her .

    • Love sluts! My wife is one. Sharing a slut in your life is AMAZING!

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