She likes to be restrained

I had bought her some new dildos and then I saw the restraints. So I ordered one. I received everything last week. Last night I put the restraints on the bed and when she sat down I told her to lay down and relax as she layed there I put one on each leg and then her hands then I pulled all 4 tight. She asked me what am I doing I told her she was going to be tied up for a while. Then I layed out her new dildos. I put a little lube on her and I inserted a small one in her pussy and I turned it on high. She was moving around then I put in a 6" one in her an let the small one 3" vibrator lye in her ass crack. Then I licked her pussy and she came then I slid in a 2" diameter glass dildo as I was licking her pussy she was bouncing and cuming hard. That small toy I was now running it on her asshole. It is a silicone finger on hi vibrat she is cuming very hard and fast and starting to scream. She said I needed to untie her, but not yet. Then I pulled out a 3" diameter smooth glass dildo and slid it into her pussy. She went nuts screaming loud and cuming hard she is squirting on her feet. Then I took off her restraints and she just layed there for a while. She said she wanted to be tied up more often. So I will be doing it again tonight and yes she will be getting my cum.

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  • Fucking fake story again

  • Remember to keep those glass dildos in the freezer!

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