What women feel about a man with a lingerie fetish.

I'm a 55 year old man who loves wearing all the silky things women wear under their clothes. Brief panties, firm control shapewear, garter belts & all kinds of stockings, short half slips, soft cup bras, and silky camisoles are what I love to wear. Back in the 80's not many women I confided in were accepting of this. Have women become more open minded? Please be honest.

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  • Sadly I think most women aren't accepting of this. They need to have their expectations of male/woman relationships met. I think you can either hide it or join fetlife and find someone who appreciates it. most people are fairly basic

  • Cross dressing is just so terrific, we have a group of like minded straight three married couples and often have a poolside BBQ, males dressed usually French Maids outfit with heel's etc. and fully made up females just wearing bikini bottom's we really have a nice time but don't play with others wives are never rude or gross, just nice fun.

  • I like to wear pantyhose and panties in the privacy of my own home. One day I was with my girlfriend after a few drinks I asked her if I could wear her pantyhose and panties. She was actually cool with it, and pick some out for me to wear. It was even better doing it in front of her. She said my legs looked good. Now when I go over there I hang out in pantyhose.

  • Not in to it AT ALL

  • Absolutely asinine.

  • Repulsive

  • Been doing it for years and my wife loves me getting FEMME

  • I once dated a guy who liked to wear fishnets when we had sex. He looked absolutely ridiculous in them.

  • It is totally weird IMO. but whatever floats your boat :)

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