Always Had a Desire to Flash

Going all the way back to high school, i had a scret desire to flash or be seen nude. I was one of rhe most polular guys in school, a three sport althlete and each yeqr won Class Favorite and Most Handsome in Who's Who. We lived behind a park that had a walking trail around it, and my bedroom faced the park. I would leave my bedroom blinds open at night as walk around in my room wondwrinf if anyone ever saw me. Nobody ever mentioned it.

Two years ago, my wife and i started traveling some with my best friend (Mike) and his wife Angie. Mike and I had been friends since the 10th grade and Angie was by far the prettiest girl in school. Mark is a very lucky guy to have bagged her.

The 3rd trip we made was to Boston. One morning i got up and went to the lobby for some continential breakfast (I am a morning person) and left my wife sleeping. Before long Angie, who is also a morninf person appeared and sat with me and we just started talking. This continued each morning (5) and each time we got up earlier and earlier. The 4th morning we were talking about high school and she surprised me by saying she always wanted to go out with me but didnt think i noticed her ainxe she was 2 years younger. I explained that i thought she was the hottest thing in school at any grade. We laughed a bit and she said, "I have a confession to make if you promise not to tell Mike or Cammy" (my wife). I promised. And she said, "I was walking in the park one night and saw you naked. You were the first guy i ever saw naked." I was caught off guard and apologized. She said, "Don't apologize. I enjoyed it - so much that i walked all the time just to see if I saw you again. I saw you several times and actually walked into your yard once to get a closer look." We laughed about it, but she really seemed to be interested in continuing similar conversations. The last morning, she beat me to the breakfast area. She said "you owe me a confession. I told you i ! watched you." So i said, "Okay, I wanted to fuck you when we were in high school." She smiled big time and said, "We both missed out!". I thought a minute and said, 'You owe me too. You have seen me naked, bur ive not seen you." She said, Well im not going to flash you here in the breakfast area!. " she paused and said "okay sit here ill be back." She was fone abour 10 minutes. She actualy went to the lobby womens room, stripped completely naked, and took a selfie. She came back, handed me her phone, and showed me the 4 photos she took. She is still beautiful, petite, and looks 20 years younger than she is. She had a shaves landing strip that was a little darker than her blonde hair, and her tits were small, but larger than i thought (probably because she runs a lot and probably wears sports bras. I juat stared at rhem and evem zoomed in on her pussy. She said, "You're only the 3rd man to see me naked. Mike and my OBGYN are the only other two."

I dont know where this is going but as much as id like to fuck her, Mike is my best friend. I know him well enough to know he probably wouldnt be too upset if he knew she showed me naked photos, but still...

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  • Seems like the opportunity to discuss swapping with your wife has come up. Maybe a game of strip poker to get nude and comfortable together. My wife always wants to play Twister after we are all naked. After a usually short time where all four of us are tangled together touching everything we usually can barely make it to our king size bed before the fucking starts.

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