I'm going insane

Every where I go, there is always someone looking at me. I get on the train and I see people looking straight at me. I've taken down every picture in my house because their eyes always follow me. Idk when this started but its been a while now I've tried to ignore. I look in the mirror and assume maybe my nose is too big? Maybe I had a pimple? Maybe I'm just one of those weird looking fellas you can't help but look at. But I try my best to groom and dress in a basic outfit just to fit in. I don't stare back but when i pass by I have to turn around and sure enough everyone is staring at me. I look in the mirror again but nothing odd, no stains or pimple. Am I really this ugly? Or am I just weird looking? I hate instagram now. Every picture with eyes follow me. They sometimes blink in the corner of my eyes where I'm focusing on. With pandemic id figure mask will help me get attention away. But everytime i go out people still stare. I want to run away from people. My family has started staring at me too. My dad looks at me when im just on my phone. When I come home everyone turns and stares at me. If this is a prank everyone somehow managed to organize against me. Please PLEASE stop ive had enough. I want this to stop. I posted on IG, FB, I texted my family to stop and they keep playing with me. Please stop staring at me.

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  • Maybe your attractive or crazy and need help

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