Mardi Gras visit

I’m a 45 year old body builder along with my 36 year old girlfriend. We had only been dating for around 3 mos when we both decided to visit New Orleans. We loved everything about Mardi Gras all the good looking people along with all the flashing. After trying the many drinks there and seeing so many hot females flash their boobs my girl Kendra was starting to feel a little tipsy and decided to try it. Later on in the night we came across a young crowd of guys. One who was celebrating his 18th Birthday. My girl and them chatted. They liked everything about her as who wouldn’t. One of the guys asked Kendra to show them her tits then convinced her to let the young 18 year old touch them. After a while of touching Kendra playfully reached for his crotch. He was more than willing to play.
It was long before Kendra was asking him to pull it out. She was making gestures she was going to give him a little extra for his birthday. After a while we reached an area where we were alone. We found out the young kids name was Ian. I could tell by now Kendra paying special attention to him. In anyone’s book HEB was good
looking, blonde blue eyes and tall. After much grabbing by both Ian and Kendra and both attempting to get his cock out he finally unzips it’s and reveals it to Kendra which she promptly starts to touch and rub. I can’t believe how big it seems to be on soft. It’s easily 6 inches limp and very thick as well.
At this time I’m thinking Kendra will rub on it for a quick tease then we’d walk away. Of course his friends are cheering on and I noticed how fully hard he was. He seemed huge and as I get a closer look it’s everybit of 8 very thick inches. After realizing this Kendra drops to her knees and hungrily starts to suck on him. After about 5 minutes she’s whispers something in his ear and off we walk. By now I’m extremely excited, turned on and unsure what to think. As we walk
I ask her what she said and she says she have him our room number.
I’m not so sure he will even show up when he’s at our door. I watched as they fucked what seemed like hours. I couldn’t believe how deep and how hard he pounded her. She was lovin’ this young guy and I felt so left out but watching the slutiness in her come out was the best. After he came inside of her and she lied there in bed almost hypnotized I turned off the lights and went down in her.
I don’t know what became of me but she loved it more than I imagined.
I was so afraid to tell anyone what happened or how she’s spiced up our sex life. I didn’t know if I should tell her while I was eating her out but I couldn’t hold back telling her how delicious she tasted and she pushed my head down harder and told me she was hoping I liked it and it turned her on on me saying that.

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