I feel a little left out

My friends and I are all in our early/mid 40s and look pretty good for our ages. We've all been friends for a number of years and attend a lot of events together and with our spouses. It's a fun group to be a part of. Anyway, last week we all went to lunch. As the drinks were flowing, my friend Ann accidentally slipped up and asked my other friend Joanie how yesterday was. Simple enough question but she said it too loud and the rest of the group all kind of looked at her, confused as to what was going on. After a couple minutes of prodding, Joanie finally said, "I was with someone yesterday. It wasn't Jeff (her husband). We've been seeing each other for a couple weeks now. I don't really want to talk about it." I was surprised but as I looked around the table, it seemed like no one else was. Two other friends, Christina and Hannah, both spoke up and said that they had both been seeing someone or, in Hannah's case, two other guys on the side. Then Annie confessed that she too had an affair last year but that she ended it when the guy went back to college. I was the only one who hadn't spoken up and I had nothing to say since I had never cheated or even thought about it. They all sort of mocked me when I said that to them and I have to admit that I felt sort of jealous of them. Maybe this is weird but I wanted to share the story since I am shocked that four of my best friends all casually admitted to cheating and treated me as if I am odd for not cheating.


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  • Me too. I just want to say I think the queen in the uk needs to be told what a disgrace she has her son living in when he could be king and she could retire gracefully to allow a younger generation more freedom and equality. so many old people in jobs and they won't leave to allow younger people in their 40s to buy a house or overseas holiday or essentials for anything and then she wonders why her empire is falling down and young people can't work or marry and have kids. well hon, we are not all like will and harry and you all never have to worry a day in your life about where your next meal is coming from and real depression and poverty and struggle. go suck up to your refinery and suck some glass in ya ass the lot of you dirty royals. I hope the tv stations boycott harry and megguns wedding too. its not worth printing or telling the story about, no one gives a crap and its not out of jealousy as she would wish. people just don't give a toss anymore about others but themselves !

  • This is the reason men no longer want to get married . They don't feel women can be trusted not to cheat and its been my experience that in general its true. After my divorce it took me two years before I started dating. I met a wonderful woman we dated for a few months and really had a connection. Out for dinner one night a man approaches our table and introduces himself as her husband, I never had any idea this woman was married she was that good at cheating.
    The second woman I met and began dating casually on our first date told me she was divorced, third date said she was separated I questioned her about it and she told me well its complicated then finally admitted she was bored in her marriage and just wanted excitement.
    Months later I met another woman in a bar , she walked me out to her car kissing me and telling me she wanted me. As we are getting in the car she tells me we have to hurry because her husband will be there in 30 minutes.
    I have finally met someone who is actually not married and am taking it slow . I expect very little in the honesty department from woman and trust them even less. The fact you never cheated shows you have morals and love your husband. Those other women will eventually get caught and end up alone .

  • I'm guessing your friends are fairly unhappy, self-absorbed people to cheat on their spouses. Consider yourself fortunate.

  • Time to find better friends!

  • Sounds like your the only decent one in the group

  • Just because they are slut's does not mean you have to be too darling

  • Women are such sluts. men get a bad rap

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