Changing For Gym Class

Back in Middle School, I was so nervous as I was taking my next step after leaving Elementary School and going to Middle School .I was so nervous being around people that I never went to Elementary School with and what made me even more nervous was changing in the locker room for Gym Class.

So changing for Gym was required but we was allowed to bring our own Gym Clothes than have an outfit given to us to which I always brought a t-shirt and shorts in the summer and spring and a t-shirt, and track pants in the fall and winter. However I want to share my first time changing for gym class in the Boy's Locker Room.

I had just turned 12 Years Old at the at the start of the School Year and compared to show I look now I was about 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighed about 140 Pounds in 6th grade and had short brown hair and wore glasses so yes I was a skinny nerd. I was very self conscious and the thought of changing my clothes and the possibility of being seen in my underwear around other guys made me feel uncomfortable at the time especially since it was a requirement and if we didn't bring our Gym Clothes we would lose points on our grades.

I was still nervous but our Gym Teacher told us that we did not half to take showers which was a relief to me because I also hated the idea of being naked around others especially if someone might steal my clothes leaving me to go naked around School. If anything I would rather be naked at home, but being in my underwear around others would soon become a different story.

The Day came where we all had to change for Gym Class and I brought my Gym clothes a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and I was about to go in and change out of the clothes I wore that day which was a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. So I enter the locker room still feeling nervous but I knew I had to do it so I tried to toughen up as I began to see my classmates strip down to their boxers and socks and I actually felt a bit hard at seeing my fellow classmates now wearing boxers and socks as I began to feel slightly hard and now I realized what I had to do.

So I took a deep breath and untied my shoes before I grabbed a hold of my shirt and began to take my shirt off and reveal my belly and back although I am not sure if anyone noticed me changing since everyone was all focused on themselves. Then I kicked my shoes off as I then propped my legs on the bench because the moment of truth was at hand, I was about to expose my underwear in school. Keep in mind this is much different than exposing my dick when taking a piss in the bathroom so I unbuttoned my jeans and lowered the zipper and then tugged at my jeans and slowly pulled my jeans down my legs exposing my underwear for the first time.

Then I finally took my jeans off and I was now sitting wearing a pair of white briefs and socks. At first I was embarrassed but as I looked down at my skinny legs with my knees bending as I soon felt my dick get hard and nearly came through my briefs and didn't want my dick to be exposed and as I sat for a few minutes in just my underwear and socks to try to soak in the moment as I then put my gym clothes on as it was getting close to time for Gym Class to begin.

Then as Gym Class would come to an end, we all went back into the locker room to change back into our school clothes. Now that I have confidence after changing gym clothes for the first time I untied and took off my shoes, pulled down my shorts, and took off my shirt revealing my briefs and socks again and sat for about a few minutes before putting my clothes on.

Since then I had gotten used to being in my underwear to the point where I would strip down to my underwear and socks when I would come home from school and I would sit on my knees as a form of meditation. It's how I prepare myself for Gym Class and changing for Gym Class.

As the School Year went on and as I got in my underwear and socks when changing for gym Class I remember sometimes messing around with everyone in the locker room. I remember Wrestling with some of my friends and having one of the bigger kinds lift me over their shoulder. I also remembered getting shirt snapped on my legs as it would hurt but at the same time I was actually enjoying getting this type of treatment in my underwear and socks.

Has anyone ever felt nervous when changing for Gym Class back in School and did you ever get bullied or embarrassed while changing for Gym Class?


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