Half Naked Emo Boy

I'm an Emo Kid that has medium length black hair, wears band shirts, skinny jeans, converse shoes, and slits my wrist but you want to know another thing I like to do? Well here it is you see when i'm alone I like to strip down to my boxers and socks and admire myself. You might think it's weird but my skinny pale emo body looks so hot in my boxers and socks.

At Night I take off my shirt, my shoes, and my jeans and as soon as I am in my boxers and socks I sit down on my knees in front of a mirror to admire myself. I then get sad and start cutting my wrists until blood stains my socks; i've even cut my knees a few times and I actually felt a buldge in my boxers admiring my bloody, underwear and sock cladded self.

Along with Self mutilating myself in my undies; I've also developed a Foot Fetish too not just me but a friend of mine. One day I slipped my shoes off in class; I wore white socks on my feet and I didn't realize it but he was staring at my socked soles and it must have made him hard because he asked me to hang out with him and I could not turn him down; otherwise i'd half to cut myself if I did.

So we hung out at his place, his parents weren't home so we hung out all afternoon and it gave me one of the best experiences I ever had. So me and my new Friend hung out and we both took our shoes off and played some Xbox Together and then when I crossed my leg, I realized my socked foot was an inch towards his face so I wiggled my socked toes and then before I knew it, my friend was smelling my feet.

I smiled and ask if he likes the smell of my feet and he says they are smelly and I looked a bit sad and then he put his own socked feet in my face and offered me to smell them and I did and I got to say they were really smelly.

Before I knew it I felt a buldge in my jeans and looked at my friend and I got a bit nervous and asked him if he's ever hung out in his underwear before and I was nervous thinking he was going to throw me out of his house but then he smiled and said he does whenever he is home alone and I told him I liked to do the same thing and the next thing that happened was we both took off our shirts and jeans and hung out in our boxers and socks.

I wore a pair of blue plaid boxers and white socks while he wore a pair of green boxers and black nike socks. We both spent all evening smelling eachother's socked feet, we sat on our knees at times, and he even poked my socked feet and I giggled and he tickled my socked feet and I soon realized I had very ticklish feet in my socks as he tickled my socked feet and I laughed like a girl to the point I had to kneel and beg for mercy.

Since then we hang out in our underwear and socks at eachother's places, playing games, smelling feet, and having tickle fights and I could not be a happier emo boy.

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  • Do you self cut???

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