School showers

I'm nearly 15 and my brother is 16 are mum told me to walk home with my brother he said it would be ok and to meet him at the school gym i seen everyone leave and still waited outside then went in checked the changing room and turned to walk out and that's when i seen him showering i couldn't look away he looked hot and his cock wasn't bad either i left before he seen me and pleasured myself for a week over what i seen and asked if i could walk home with him again knowing he would be showering after the gym done that for weeks and yesterday was know different couldn't wait for school to finish so i could head over and watch him i waited for them to all leave and in i went his clothes was there but couldn't see him then heard the door lock and he locked it he walked past me and said i should join him i was nervous this time he was watching me strip off even though i was naked i was trying to cover myself with my hands as i was getting wet he moved my hands away and his cock was like a spring shot right up he told me he knew i been watching him wasn't long before we was heading back in to the changing room and he grabbed my arm and spun me around and got me against a table that was in there my heart was pounding and he pushed me back on the table and stood between my legs and began for a few seconds rubbing his hard cock up and down my pussy then pushed it in and fucked me it wasn't long before he said he was about to cum and pulled out and cum he looked pleased with himself the only chance we will have is to and from school to risky at home.



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  • Lovely. Enjoy your brother

  • Fuck you and your fucking incest pedophilic post . ASS HOLE

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