I tried escorting

I recently lived out one of my fantasies. I hope my husband never finds out i did this but I tried escorting for the first time.

Its been a fantasy of mine for some time now to take money for sex with some random guy. After thinking about it for a long time and wondering if I could actually do it I finally got to the point where i was ready to push myself to go through with it.

My husband works nights so I already knew it would be easy for me to do it and get away with it . The night it happened I was already excited about the thought of it before he went to work. But as soon as he left I posted on a app that hook up available msg me for rates . While I wanted for a msg I got ready . Put on makeup black dress garter belt and stocking no bra or panties. By the time I was ready I got a few msgs from guys and I went through them and after chatting with them for a few I picked one and he agreed on my rates so I got his address.

I drove over to his house . When I got there I got really nervous and started thinking about all that could go wrong and I almost changed my mind and backed out and drove home but I'm so happy that I didn't. I went and knocked on his door really nervous. He let me in and we talked for a few he was married his wife was out of town . After talking I was able to calm down and when he gave me the money I just went for it. We went to his room and I stripped for him . We started with me on my knees giving him a blowjob. He was bigger than my husband and that help me get excited even more. we both had a great time and he fucked me good and we both finished happy. Afterwards I got my clothes back together and just went home . The sex was good but the money was better I still can't believe I went through with it but I'm very happy I did .


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  • What a pathetic loser. He will find out one day. You will be like me. I cheated and lied for 15 yrs until an old saved surveillance camera footage from my cheating with boss in his office. I was his submissive slut for him while his wife was pregnant. 15 yrs later and lies upon lies and deceit the video was mailed to my husband. Should say exhusband now. I lost him, my home, my grown children and grandchildren. My job, my reputation as a married cheating mistress and a homewrecking whore. I am all alone now barley able to keep myself fed and roof over my head.I've gained weight. Lost my beautiful sexy looking body. Now I am having to sometimes rent myself for enough money to survive. All because I believed I was entitled to have everything I wanted and was struck on men wanting me instead of being a faithful committed devoted loyal wife. Now I'm told I'm ugly fat and undesirable and unwanted. Having to have sex with a foreign man that owns the cheap motel room for a roof over my head is disgusting and nasty. But I have no choice. He's not kind gentle or even care if I like it or not. Just has me pay with whatever and whenever he wants. I never even have an orgasm. You will be me one day... You've been warned. .. it ain't worth it....only for a few months of having my cake and eating it too. I thought I'd gotten away with it and really proud of myself. But in the end I have no one and nothing. Lonely and abandoned by everyone because I could not keep my legs closed. Now no man wants them open except to pay my rent by the week. ..

  • Practice safe sex 😉

  • So how are you feeling right now, does it make you want to be with more men.

  • I diddled my pussy as I thought about it more. I got soooo wet

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