Sleeping mom

One night I was out at a party with my family and we all went back I was 14 and I was really drunk and my mom and brothers were asleep so I sneaked into my moms room for under the covers and pulled down her trousers then her panties then started rubbing her pussy then I put my fingers in her and started in and out in and out then I started sucking my fingers then doing it again then I went back to my room and slept

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  • Actually you went back to your room, beat your meat good, and then went to sleep.

  • I'd have kept on going back and doing more things to your sleeping mom. Eventually I'd have your mom wake up to you fucking her pussy hard.

  • Strangely something very similar happened between my mom and I. She only sleeps in a fairly short nightgown and panties. Oh how I love her braless tits. Eventually it got to me eating out my mom's pussy. She woke up so horny she didn't even try to stop me from giving her an orgasm. She didn't stop me from fucking her either afterward.

  • Why would she stop you if she is into it.

  • What did your mom do??

  • He hasn't figured that out yet. Give him time to think up something.

  • Lol

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