I tried escorting

I recently lived out one of my fantasies. I hope my husband never finds out i did this but I tried escorting for the first time.

Its been a fantasy of mine for some time now to take money for sex with some random guy. After thinking about it for a long time and wondering if I could actually do it I finally got to the point where i was ready to push myself to go through with it.

My husband works nights so I already knew it would be easy for me to do it and get away with it . The night it happened I was already excited about the thought of it before he went to work. But as soon as he left I posted on a app that hook up available msg me for rates . While I waited for a msg I got myself ready. I kept telling myself I'm ready to do this.. I took a shower and trimmed up the kitty to be ready to show off. I did my hair put on makeup . I dressed up with a black dress garter belt and stocking no bra or panties and black heels. I looked good. By the time I was ready I got a few msgs from guys and I went through them and after chatting with them for a few I picked one and he agreed on my rates so I got his address.

I drove over to his house . When I got there I got really nervous and started thinking about all that could go wrong . I almost changed my mind and backed out and drove home but I'm so happy that I didn't. I went and knocked on his door really nervous. He let me in and we talked for a few. I found he was married and his wife was out of town . I left my wedding ring in my car so he had no idea I was married also. After talking I was able to calm down and when he gave me the money I just went for it. We went to his bedroom and I stripped for him. It started with me getting on my knees me giving him a blowjob. He was bigger then my husband and that definitely helped me get more excited to be with him. Once I was on his bed he took over and we both had a great time. He fucked me really good in multiple positions and we both finished happy. Afterwards I got my clothes back together and just went home . The sex was good but the money was better I still can't believe I went through with it but I'm very happy I did . None of the bad things that I imagined might happen didn't happen and I went back home well fucked and feeling good with money in purse that my husband had no idea about.


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  • That's awesome. I'm a guy who's thinking about seeing and escort. I've been with my wife for years but sex has definitely dried up in the bedroom. I'm lucky to even get any in less than a month.
    Quick question, what did the guy look like and does it matter? Reason is, I'm not the most handsome guy. Mid 40s with a dad bod, haha.

  • That is a VERY common female fantasy to act out. When I was finishing up Boot Camp one of us claimed he had a hooker lined up for our liberty day and had talked her down in price as long as he brought several guys. I had nothing better lined up so I participated. She was our age and very cute. We drew numbers out of a hat and I was upset that I ended up number 10 out of 12. It was my first sloppy seconds but not as bad as I expected. I felt bad for the hooker. Months later I found out that the 'hooker' was actually the wife of the guy that set it up. He was found out when she showed up at his first duty station as his dependent spouse.

    While single I learned of other situations of women trying out escorting, hooking and such.

    Years later a I was asked by a close work friend to 'hire' his wife when she went out 'hooking.' He had worked up to this question over such a long time that I long expected him to ask and had already been given my wife's permission to go along with it. His wife had no idea that I knew and worked with her husband. She thought I was a random guy that approached her.

  • Why don't you tell your husband? If he is like me he will actually enjoy that you are being fucked and will want to fuck you when you get home. There is nothing better than my wife having a wet sloppy cunt already filled by another man. I find it even more exciting if my wife has bare sex while she is most fertile.

  • I used to do it when I was in university, some years ago now. My course fees were expensive and waitressing / shop work wasn't really paying well. I found out that someone I knew was escorting and she told me how to go about it. Of course, I was nervous but eventually went ahead. I made sure that all addresses were the other side of the city where I was unlikely to be known and in the good areas. I'm no beauty, pretty normal plain white, average size etc but after a short time I had regulars. I always made them use a rubber for sex but often they didn't want full sex only a handjob or blowjob that it seemed their wives didn't provide, and they liked to cum on me. It was good work, I was never threatened and it certainly paid the bills. When I finished university I was offered a job across country. The new job paid well so I stopped the sex work. It was a good two years though!

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