Did my wife do it?

A couple of years after we were married my wife went out with her girlfriend for a girl's night. I was working long hours and my wife was a school teacher on summer break. She came home around 2am. I tried to initiate sex but she was tired. A few moments later I noticed it smelled like sex in our bedroom...kinda like the smell of a used condom. In the morning she went to shower and I grabbed her panties out of the hamper and they were covered in her creamy discharge. When she got out of the shower I askedbout her night with her friend. They went cruising up and down main street and two guys on motor cycles started talking with them. Her friend was single and my wife wanted to be a good wingman. They each got on the back of the bikes and went for a ride. They rode into the hills and went for a walk in a secluded area. Her friend went off with one of the guys and she was stuck with other guy. She thinks her friend went off to blow the other guy. I asked if the guy she was with tried anything. She said they sat on his jacket on the grass and he tried to reach up her skirt and touched her leg. She told him to stop and that she was married. Her friend returned and they got a ride back to their car. My wife said the guy was a personal trainer at a gym we use to go to and he was good looking. A couple of weeks later my wife's friend asked my wife to go with her to the gym to see the guy she went off with because she didn't want to go alone. They went and I asked if she saw the good looking guy and she said he wasn't there. A few months later we got drunk with her friend. My wife passed out and I asked her friend about that night. She said she didn't know what happened but my wife took off her wedding ring and put it in her pocket. Her friend sucked my cock and I came on her giant tits. Her friend always had a thing for me. I fantasize about what my wife did with that guy. I'm 99 % sure she fucked him. I want to tell her that it won't change anything if she did and it turns me on. This happened in the early 90s and I know she has been faithful since then. How do I get her to tell me what really happened?

1 month ago

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    • If she took off her ring then she was looking to get fucked, so you can be sure that she did it.

    • Sweetie I can tell you ladies night is a night for fun and sex. Plenty of times I’ve hooked up with other men, and then I come home and tell hubby what a slut my friend was or my sister. I even blamed my aunt one time.

    • Oh those 90's. Very similar double date. My wife (Jill) on beach vacation with her single girlfriend.
      The year before we're at party and a couple our age, early 40's, hit on us. They're not swingers but he's all over Jill, and she's smitten for him. His wife Amy said they want to swap. we're in our big rec room and Jill giving him (Bob) some oral to get hard. When Amy does the same to me he starts crying. Other than a little head, we don't swap.
      Back to the beach. She goes on a double date to facilitate her GF. She has done this before, sorta like and escort who just makes conversation. But this guy is hot and they are making out in the car. He's a much younger lifeguard. She's telling herself, don't do this. He takes her to lifeguard center where the undress and take a blanket and fuck her on the beach.
      She practically confesses on the driveway when she gets home. ~Sex on the beach with a young lifeguard, I couldn't say no -- I though about the pass I had to copulate with Bob -- I'll use that pass for the lifeguard. Hope you're not mad, but fuck that was good.~
      She was horny as hell for months. I tell her to make she's have sex with the lifeguard instead of me -- and she goes wild. I giver her 99.5 faithful wife rating. I'm glade she had that one romp. I did hope he knocks up his next trophy.

    • Yup she got fuckef

    • Ask her. Seriously, just ask.

    • Yes he came deep in her pussy for sure

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