Dear White People

I drive to highly White populated areas and then go the Whitest businesses like Starbucks target or whole foods and bring cleaning supplies. If it's a single I will lock the restroom door strip nude put in a butt plug dip my head hair in the toilet while confessing my inferiority and then proceed to clean the entire restroom like a naked docile and eager house slave. Sometimes if it's not a single I will wait until it's empty andput my clothes in the trash then lock myself in each stall until I'm able to sneak into each one and clean it thoroughly. once this indian guy saw me and tried to peak into the stalls but luckily it was the kind no matter what angle you try to look in you cannot see. The best part is trying to getting my clothes out of the trash before a janitor comes in or before a Superior White Person sees my perverted black ass. This is my way of saying thank you to Whites for taking my black ass out of the jungle with giant mosquitoes and bringing me to a/c steady work and as much civilization as a negro is capable of. Feel free to leave me your shit logs and piss to wash my nappy head in return I'll wash your toilets and ensure you are sitting on pristine porcelain White Thrones. So Dear White People don't bother to flush that's our job.



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  • Who the fuck goes to Starbucks rasist company run by a race hating cunt

  • Shut the fuck up nigger

  • Fuck you! You are not African American! You are trash trying to spread racist hate ! We can only hope someone sticks your head into a toilet until you drown mother fucker!

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