First sexual experience

We lived in Morocco at the time, I was 8. Big secluded garden, fruit trees warm climate, swimming pool and no school, paradise. We had a staff of 3, cook, maid and gardiner. The climate was warm I wore nothing but shorts, and quite often not even shorts. To set the scene for this, in Arab culture a boy is as attractive to a man as a woman, sometimes more attractive. I learned about this later in life, at this time I was not really sexually aware, ccasionally got my little dick hard but that was about it. Some afternoons I would chat with the Gardiner, we used French, my Maghrebi Arabic was not much good; Morocco was a French protectorate at the time. One afternoon we were both in the toolshed and Generated started stroking my leg, it felt pleasant. His hand moved up then up the leg of my shorts, I felt a bit uncomfortable but also oddly expectant. I never wore pants so his fingers reached little Willie and little Willie got very stiff. What he was doing felt both nice and naughty. Then I just ran off to play in the garden. A few days later we were chatting in the shed together and the same thing happened, I liked the feeling. After a few weeks he started taking my shorts downnand feeling me all over, I have to say it felt good. One afternoon when he had me standing in front of him naked with little Willie as stiff a a rod he said" tu aim ca" I replied "oui". He then said "tu veu plus?", I replied " oui si il boys plait". The literal translation is if it pleases you, but it really just means please. I think it was pleasing both of us very much. He started rubbing my little cock between finger and thumb and I started getting exciting feelings between the legs then som..ething felt like an explosion, I screamed and pushed like a fountain and started to fall down. Generated held me up, I was shaking and sweating, at that time I had no idea what he had done to me, that knowledge came later. Generated told me run and jump in the pool which I did, I needed to cool down very badly lol. That was it my very first orgasm. Abdul the cooks son who was 12 told me what had happened and how it happened and stuff which at my age I did not understand. I just knew I should not tell my parents about what had happened.

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