Drunk Barefoot Santa

I was at my Company Christmas Party with my Family, Friends, and Co Workers having a fun time until Santa showed up not to take pictures with the kids but was drunk and he was barefoot too. Santa began to climb on top of the Dinner Table where My Boss and his Family were sitting at and began to sing and slur the words to Santa Claus is coming to town very loudly as he began to drink more beer and his feet getting into everyone's food as Santa let out an ungodly fart in my Boss's face. My Boss was pissed and tried to attack Santa but his wife had to restrain him as Santa then began to strip his suit off and was now wearing Women's Underwear; he was Walking around in Women's Underwear. He also began to sing Walkin Around in women's Underwear as Santa then grabbed a hold of a pole and tried to pole dance on it only for Santa's Fat ass to break the pole and go crashing through my boss's table.

Santa then stood up and brushed off the food and then ran inside the bathroom barefoot and I was grossed out and nearly gagged on my wine as Santa went barefoot into a public restroom. As Santa was taking a shit in the restroom I decided to set a trap for him to be ready for Santa's Nasty Ass. As I was setting the traps we could all hear Santa grunting on the toilet and letting out ungodly farts and everyone at the party could smell the stench of Santa's shit.

Santa then returned from the restroom wearing a thong with bells at the crotch and turd stains smeared all over his asscheeks and toilet paper hanging out his ass and off his feet with shit stains smeared everywhere including all over the Toilet and Restroom Floor. Santa for the love of God didn't Mrs. Claus teach you how to dress and how to behave at an event and to wipe your ass too? Then Santa picked up his foot and began to smell his fucking feet at the Christmas Party as everyone groaned in complete disgust and the kids were even more mortified. Then after Santa got done smelling his fucking feet he then slipped on toy cars we left in front of the bathroom as Santa fell on the floor as we all laughed. then Santa stood up and then went over to my friends and began to rub his hairy ass nipples in front of them, placed his hands around his head, swiveled his hips and said Julie. He then said Baby come sit on my lap and tell me what you want for Christmas. My friend Julie kicked Santa in his Jingle Balls as Santa stumbled over to the refreshment table, grabbed the bowl of Eggnog, put his Foot in the Eggnog and sucked his fucking toes on the Fucking Eggnog as I dropped a paint bucket from above and his Santa in the head with a Paint Bucket, as Santa fell to the floor with the Eggnog spilling all over Santa and then The Elves all came to drag Santa's Drunk Half Naked ass back to the North Pole as Christmas has officially been ruined for me.

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  • Is this your story foot sniffer?

  • No it's your story

  • Well I found it very funny foot sniffer.

  • I have never read such a hilarious thread in my life. Thankyou

  • It was believable until the part of the eggnog and the paint bucket. Most guys are not flexible enough to suck or own feet and wtf does a paint bucket has to do in the story? where did it come from?

  • Check into the hospital and tell them this story.

  • I think it's your sanity that has been officially ruined, weird ass freak.

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