Public toilet rule

Recently I've developed a new rule for myself when I'm alone and horny in a public restroom (and not expected to be somewhere).

The rule is that I'm allowed to piss anywhere in the restroom but the toilet itself. The toilet bowl is NOT to be pissed in.
I cannot leave the restroom before I've emptied my bladder on/in walls, floors, sinks, trash bins etc.

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  • Nasty fucker quit pissing all over the bathrooms you make me really glad I don't have to clean public restrooms

  • Don't fucking care

  • Fuck. yes.!! i have this same rule! we should team up and piss all over bathrooms together

  • I have a slightly different rule myself, unlocked stall with the door open I masturbate while pissing and I must offer anyone who walks in any sexual favor, no limits

  • So, your difficult potty-training as a child is coming back to haunt you.

  • Ugh.

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