My mom friend

Iv known my mom friends since I was very young she the same age as my mom in her 40s
And she and my mom are very very close and my mom friend got kids but she divorced woman good looking woman.

So it was on holiday when her and her kids come on holiday with us and it we stayed in a hotel but I had the same room as my mom but there a door between us and her and her kids had they own room

So we chilling enjoying holiday she will come to my room to smoke cuz it was only me and her who smoke so on the 3rd night she nock on my door and I was awake nothing out the blue I knew she come for a smoke so wer smoking and talking and I kept looking at her in her pjs I can see her boobs and she caught me looking at them she smiled and said u like them I turned red.

It was a moment of silent for like a min then she just took 1 out and said touch it I was blushing asking but my mom she goes dont worry she wont know so held on to them squeezing them I can see little moan comming out of her then her nipple went hard i dont no how it happen but i slipped my finger inside her.

Slowly by slowly wer taking are clothes off and started kissing she goes lay down and il show u how it really done she put her lips around it and started sucking it as she was doing it I can feel my dick get hard inside her mouth so after like 2 min she asked me u ever licked pussy I go why lie I have licked pussy so she made me lick her out.

After a while I come back up and put my dick inside her I was fucking her then she flip me over and climbed on top I said keep It low my mom might hear she said ur mom dont no how good ur dick is and how good u are I told her no 1 can no about it she goes fine and carried on riding me after that she got up and said am make u cum so she wanking it while on her knees am standing up she goes to me look at me while am wanking next thing u know I cummed so much on her face she was shocked she goes not so much of a little boy anymore I got shy and just before she left she said better the my kids dad

After that we have met on few occasions and I do like the idea of fucking my mom friends but nobody know even her kids

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