Should I Ask MIL About When She Learned We Were Sexually Active?

When my wife was still living at home before we got married, we used condoms for BC. No one ever told me not to flush them down the toilet, and I figured no one would see them in the trash that way.

We were both 20, dating for 2 years, when I went to see her after her minor knee surgery earlier in the day. She whispered to me that her Mom told her that her Dad needed to use the snake on a blockage in the drain pipe in the basement. When he pulled out the snake, there were several condoms that came wit it!

I felt better knowing her older sis still lived at home, but she had no BF then, so I'm sure they knew the condoms were from us. Nothing else was ever mentioned about it; surprising as her parents were very much against sex between singles.

We have been married for 30 years now, my MIL is well into her 80s. Time heals all wounds, and I just wonder, if (big if here) the planets align, if it would be OK for me to ask my MIL why she didn't tell us to stop having sex in her house, or to put her sweet little girl on the pill?

I suppose they could have reasoned that we were not going to stop, were using BC, and to just ignore it.

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  • No Leave the past alone! If your Mil wants to know it's your wife's place to tell her.

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