Never trust hot girls

I was never popular or unpopular, I had some popular friends but that was it. There was one girl on my bus, she was extremely popular and insanely hot, with an hourglass figure and beautiful face. Anyways I expected her to be a stereotypical hot bitch, but she was so nice and would like never talk about her body or sex or ever admit she is pretty. Anyways I got talking to her and she told me to come to her place. When I was on my way there, she called me and said, "can you go in the shop and get condoms? Thanks" and ended it. Little did I know this was a test to see if I just wanted to fuck. Of course I'm stupid, and I got condoms. When I came in she said "ok we're home alone, did you bring the condoms?" And I took them out. She then went "ok, fuck you". From a room her two older brothers came out and beat the shit out of me. They made me deepthroat the handle of a brush, and put it up my ass as well. When they were finished with me they threw me outside, and she came out to sit next to my wiped out body. She was smoking and she dusted the ashes onto me, and she said "I hate guys who just look for sex straightaway. I'm gonna embarrass you you dickhead". She butted the cigarette out on my neck and I went home. Since then she told everyone that I git beat up and manhandled for trying to rape her or something. To be fair I deserve this because I basically asked for it. I should have knew it was a test

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  • Thats crazy was she hispanic?

  • Not all hot girls are bad, my wife was so beautiful with a great figure and terrific personality she would light up any room when she walked in and was liked by everybody, we loved each other so dearly and in 30 years hardly ever had a harsh word, we had a great relationship but unfortunately she passed away far too young

  • I am sorry for your loss as well. I agree, not all hot girls are bitches. Find the swan that sprang from a somewhat ugly duckling and she will have developed personality, compassion, and kindness; with later in life beauty on the outside just waiting to catch up to her beauty on the inside.

  • I'm so sorry to hear that, hope your doing well. Stay strong man

  • Thank you both so much, I console myself with the fact that not a lot of people have 30 years with such a wonderful and loving person, everything is going fine but I certainly don't want another partner, friend maybe but I would be continually be judging them and that would not be fair

  • Hasbean will learn the hard way in life. he is bound to fail and they all are going to fail at love and life. no one even cares about them and their senile romances and hot bods and hot cars. no one is even jealous. no one will ever want to know these people and it will all be their own doing cuz what they did to others is going to come back to them. what they did to me will come back to them. I just hate them. the wedding should not be on media or tv. as future unfolds people are gonna care less and less about these users who are ripping off the poor. never trust a hot girl - your so right. and they are all gonna learn it hardway. and may they never enter my world ever again.

  • Yeh that is so true. people are not even jealous of hot girls, and so-called glamor queens anymore. it means nothing to the populations. hot girls get their punishment for how they abuse other women too. they must learn the hardway. I am so glad I never harmed anyone when I was thin. I only verbalised the ones who hurt and abused me. this dirty little ugly fat violent thing got offended by me calling her a fat f-face but that was all she did bash, smug, insult and attack and suck face with cock afterwards. thin bitches get punished too.

  • My first wife was beautiful, hourglass bod and the looks of a model. It wasn't all good. During the three years we were married, seeing other guys always flirting with her nearly turned me into a paranoid wreck. It didn't help that we were young, married at 18. She started craving "experience" which to her meant having affairs. She eventually dumped me for a coworker. I'm married again, to a nice woman who is average looking like me, and it's been good. Looking back on it, I should have never married a hot girl. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

  • You didn't deserve that. She's a fucking bitch. Don't worry, what goes around comes around, and she will get hers eventually. It might be years down the road, but someone will take that cunt down.

  • Thanks man, I just felt like I should have known a hot girl like her wouldn't go for someone like me

  • Looks are not everything buddy, do not put yourself down. The way that girl acted, she is a bitch, and looks eventually fade.

  • I married a very hot girl. 3 days into I knew I made a BAD mistake. She got what she was wanting and turned into one roaring bitch and cut the sex off. She was shocked when I filed for divorce and left her ass.

  • I have to agree that most really hot women are not very trustworthy. I always chase after the fat ugly girls, they are way more willing to put out and do nearly anything a man wants them to do. Hot women, when they do put out, just lay there looking all pretty, trying not to mess up their hair and make-up. Ugly women know they have to fuck their asses off and go that extra mile to please a man and get him to come back for more.

  • That’s not always true. I’m hot and fuck my husband like I’m a useless whore.

  • How can you call yourself hot, You airhead.

  • What?? Of course beautiful people can tell if they are hot. If they say they cannot, it is called modesty.

  • Then he’s a lucky man.

  • You are right. hot sexy girls will take guys down and other girls or women down. they would put their dog down for a few bob too. wake up men and see the light. they won't fuck you unless you are so rich and most of them are what they call RINSES, you spend on them and buy them shit and take them out in hot cars to be seen with them cuz they are hot but you don't get a friend and there is no sex!

  • You are so fucking sexist and do not respect girls. grow up first

  • This is a site well known for respectful, nonsexist viewpoints. Right? Grow up.

  • If her brothers put a hairbrush up your ass, then you are the victim of a sexual assault and I would contact the police.

  • Total bullshit story or the author is retarded.

  • I think she get fuck with their brothers she not need you

  • I don't believe you. You really went over the top with the second part

  • Uh, no. This was totally a case of entrapment. If you're telling the whole truth, then you're the victim here, not her. If she introduced the idea of sex and she told you to buy the condoms, then she is the one driving the relationship in that direction. The only way you could have possibly deserved this is if you were the one pushing.

  • Yes, not your fault, file charges

  • Maybe she wanted the condoms for her brothers but then got the embarrasses.

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