The woman next door

A couple moved into the house that their back yard meets my back yard. My wife and I became good friends with them. BBQs and bonfires with drinks. Stuff like that. They both are maybe 10 years younger than us and didn’t have kids. The husband worked 2rd shift mostly and the wife work evening restaurant hours. My wife and I work mostly from 8 to 6 but I worked 3 to ten in day a week at the business I owned so I found myself hanging out with the wife next door in morning to afternoon before I went to work. We would smoke a little and just hang out and joke around.
So one thing lead to another and we started an affair on the days I worked a late day. We started out using condoms. She told me that her and the husband tried for a baby but nothing happened. She wasn’t on birth control. Said if he gets her pregnant great. If not. She saving money on not having to buy BC. Like I said. We started out using condoms but after a couple months we went to the pull out method and that lead to me not pulling out on her safe days.
After about a year and a half. She come over and told me how she was late and was taking a pregnancy test when her husband walked into the bathroom and of corse she had to show him the results while they waited for them. The test turned out positive. She told me that it is possible that he is the father but she feels that there is a strong possibility of it belonging to me. She told me that if her husband didn’t find out. She would probably ended it not not told anyone. She also wanted to know my feeling on it. If I would want to be the father of it was mine. She also said she would be ok with letting her husband think it’s his and keep this to herself forever. I had a lot to lose. I even suggested she still end it. She said she would think about that option over the next couple weeks but with him knowing. That would be hard.
She decided to go though with having the baby and our affair slowed way down. I only had sex with her 4 times after this talk before she gave birth and was almost a year after that before we had sex again. As time went by. She wanted to know more and more who was really the father. She said the the baby had likeness to both of us in some ways. She found so mail in off the internet test that couple determine who was. The 2 test where 100 each. So I have her the money. I followed the instructions and have it to her to mail in. About a month or so later. She come over to show me what the report said. So the test stated that the subject 1 was 97% possible the father of subject 2. I was like oooohhhh ssshhhiiiitttt !!!! But I kinda already knew this. Five years go by and life changes happen. I get divorced and my now ex wife move 200 miles away to live in the town that her family lives in. I buy her out of the house and remain living their. Kids come to visit every other weekend and life goes on.
Summer comes and the wife next doors sister moves in because she just got a divorce and needs a spot to get back on her feet. She is a couple years older then the wife next door but just as equally and smoking hot. Hanging out around the fire in the weekends with them I get friendly with the sister. And wouldn’t you know it. We start screwing. I am 41 by now and the sister is 38. The sister starts spending more time at my house than the house next door where she is staying at. 4 months go by and one Christmas Day. The sister informs me that she is pregnant and very thrilled that she is going to be a mother. I am like. Damn it. I just basically wanted a FWB thing and now I’m going to be a father again.
Baby is born and sister and I can’t be happier. Wife next door is talking nothing about wanting another baby and sister is telling her that she sound. Sisters and my baby is about 6 months and I have a little secret meeting with wife next. She runs the idea of me helping her and her husband out with them having another baby. So I am thinking with the wrong head and I agree. It’s takes a while. Our meets are harder now to arrange. Around about the time of sis and i’s Baby turns one. Wife next door finally gets knocked up. And soo after that sis tells me. She doesn’t want to have an other child and she doesn’t want to have a baby after 40. And she wants their father to be the same guy. Well. We go at it. And when wife next door is 5 months pregnant. Sister gets pregnant. It was very ego boosting to know that I have sister pregnant at the same time. I was very horny for a long while.
So it’s been a couple years now I everything seems to be going good. But. I always have these thoughts in the back of my mind.
1. What is going to happen when husband next door figures out that he is not the father. There was a case similar to this and the husband sued the guy that got his wife pregnant so the money he spent on those kids. He won too!!!
2. What is sister going to do when she finds out that I am the father of her and her sisters kids. I’m mean. She is going to figure out that we having been screwing the whole time. She can just move on but how is all that going to work out with visitation.
3. By default. To I have to move into a relationship with the wife next door. I mean I like her but I don’t want to wake up with her every morning.

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  • Wtf? Just wake up,you're obviously dreaming you stupid fuck.

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