Like to get girls pregnant

I love the feeling and get so turned on by getting girls pregnant. I have got 11 girls pregnant. I got started when I had sex with a girl at a party at a friend's house when I was 14. It has his sister's friend and she was drunk. Baby born when I was 15 but I was off the hook b/c she didn't know who fucked her. After that, I knew I wanted more. I do everything I can to avoid using condoms and have excused myself to run to the bathroom and poked holes in several condoms if the girl is insistent on me using one. I ended up getting 3 women pregnancy in high school, 6 more in my 4 1/2 years of college, 2 more since graduating, and I may have #12 now. She is late but I won't count her in my total until I know for sure but things are looking good. For me I like to seek out married women who aren't on the pill. If they are on the pill, I cut my losses and move on. I am surprised how many trust condoms. Also, 2 of my 11 came from online personals ads who offering to get them pregnant, 4 more were from other personals ads but I used the condom trick. 2 of the 11 were girls that just didn't know about protection so I didn't use any. The other 3 of 11 were other random one-night stands that I either got with the condom trick or just didn't use protection at all (i.e. my roommate in college passed out and I pretended to be him with his girl w/ lights out - she got pregnant and my roommate married her to raise kid, sister's friend at a party got drunk and I didn't miss my chance - she didn't know who she fucked so I'm in the clear, and my mom's friend who was just left by her husband - she convinced him the kid was his before leaving). If #12 becomes official then she was one that I told I was sterile to...she didn't even question it. I'm 23 years old now and really want to be up to #15 by the time I turn 25. I know I will get called every bad word you can think of but I don't care. I feel a little bad for the women who have to sort this out afterwards but not bad enough to stop. This confession feels great because I have never been able to say this out loud and never told anyone about this. Feel free to submit your hate below. I am really curious if there is anyone out there like me who does the same thing I do and would like to see what number you are it, if so.

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  • My wife and I have 8 children. My wife will give birth and a matter of weeks later I breed her again I can't get enough of her rounded belly.

  • Yes! Nothing like it. Keep her full. Next goal for you: get her to #10 by 2020.

  • Yeah that be great but I gotta pay for this!

  • True. I guess I don’t worry about that...

  • Women were born to be bred. If you don't get turned on seeing a preg belly you're insane

  • Agreed. Have many have you bred?

  • 4 kids by 4 different moms.

  • Nice work! Keep it up.

  • I want to be bred so bad I'm thinking about taking out an ad. All the guys I hook up always want to use protection. I just want a baby

  • Definitely. I’d love a chance to breed you.

  • This reminds me of that post of the middle aged woman who's husband fathered tons of kids! I think it's called husbands double life something like that. The wife knows he does it I'm gonna try and find it

  • Let me know when you find it. I love knowing I’m not the only one that does this...huge turn on.

  • Just found it it's called my husbands double life. If you type in the word fathered it comes up. Go see how many kids he got!!!

  • Thank you. Just read it. Wow. He’s definitely winning but he’s been at it longer. It’s going to take me a while to catch up to his number. I’ll get there. The part that seemed odd to me was how understanding the wife was. I don’t know many that would be that way.

  • Well like she states he'll do it anyway. She knew what she married into. But I think it's sexy a woman needs to be bred. Have you had sex with a pregnant woman?

  • I've just read it I'm shocked they came fave 2 face with one of the kids. That's bad

  • Yes! That’s never happened to me.

  • I have. Hottest thing ever to get her when she is far enough along where you can fuck her from behind with your hand over her stomach b/c every time I’d feel the kid kick it would set me off.

  • I love a preggo belly. Erotic.

  • Yes! Nothing like it.

  • My husband's fantasy was always to get me bred, we have 2 kids in their 20s, but the last 2 kids (6 and 4) are from swinging parties. We worked out when i be fertile and at 5+ men came up me in each party. No idea who their fathers are but my husband is dad to them just like he was their own, He couldn't get enough of me pregnant. His ultimate desire is for me to spit out a brown baby, but I couldn't do that cos everyone including our kids will think I cheated.

  • After three of our own my husband went straight to brown baby. The first was from one of several man, the second was a specific bull. Then two more from a white friend, they were more of a surprise though. Lolz

  • The kid knows he has a different dad and he hates you for it. As he grows up he will find out his mom is a whore and dad is some random black cock, he will hate you.

  • Have you never heard of adoption? I love the people that raised me and have never met my birth parents. No need for hate.

  • Well said. No need for hate.

  • He has parents...he’ll be fine.

  • Thank you yes, ALL my children have parents, they are ALL loved, just because we get off on breeding doesn’t mean we don’t raise our kids right

  • Keep it can never have too many

  • That’s the way to do it. Keep at it.

  • That is so sexy, I would love my wife to get bred.

  • There nothing like it...

  • So your kids have a whore for a mom. What about the kids as they grow up? They might have medical or genetic problems they might not know of, because their mom is a skank whore and their fake dad is an asshole.

  • Well I'm pretty sure if they got ill, we would take them to a doctor like regular parents would! So basically nobody can have sex with anyone until they do a full dna testing, in case they could have medical issues? Interested to find out whether you did that with your other half?

  • His other half is probably his right hand.

  • Their mom getting pregnant by someone other than their father doesn’t mean they have medical/genetic problems. She’s not fucking her brothers. Is every everyone that is married and has sex with someone other than their spouse a whore to you?

  • You never know what’s dormant in genetic material from some random spermer.

  • With that logic, you should never had bare sex with someone until you bring them to a doctor and have a full gene test run. Not exactly a turn on...

  • Hot! I’ve never been to a swinging party before...always wanted to go.

  • I'm female and I have a friend with 5 children, and every time she rows with her partner she gets an abortion to spite him. I take her to all her appointments, shes had 4 abortions in 3 years, and soon as they make up again he gets her pregnant again. The nurses are not friendly with her at All, they know she's had 9 pregnancies and she's still young (32) I don't know why though, but a tiny part of me gets horny thinking of her lack of not giving a fuck. Knowing she'll get breeded not knowing if she's even going to go through with it.

  • I agree...breed first...consequences after.

  • There are a lot of people male and female on this post that really need to change their ways they are edging on the side of criminal, most need to definitely see a doctor or priest probably for referrals.
    What a disgrace that people would even consider this normal or moral.
    Please don't just discount or put crap on my considered response think about it what will happen to these poor little bastards ?

  • Id love to go and see a priest for my dirty breeding sins. Id love him to bend me over a pew and spunk up my wet pussy in front of his congregation.

  • Whatever gets you going man...

  • Priests can rape you too.....they can be quite evil.

  • Priests = Pervs

  • I don’t think anyone ever said this was normal or moral...

  • I want to get pregnant so bad. I would love to meet a guy willing to do it. I'm about to take out an ad.

  • Put an ad on Tinder or other sites. Plenty of guys will do it.

  • Yep. I’ll volunteer.

  • Marriage should come first, purchase a home get on your feet then have a family preferably with your husband.
    Just having a kid for want of it the sensation will soon ebb and everything will end in tears.

  • You really should have the home first... married and living with ones parents, well ...that's what will end in fucking tears 😂😂

  • Agreed

  • Does anybody still do it in this order anymore?

  • Yes decent people do.
    Unlike some of the selfish whores and sluts on this post I really feel sorry for those poor children.

  • Don't feel sorry for them virgin Mary, they are just great, they want for nothing.

  • Amen

  • Oh...OK

  • Go for it.

  • I'm currently pregnant with another guys baby and my husband thinks it is his. We have been trying for years and nothing. I have sex with another man. Bam. Pregnant.

  • 2 of the women I got pregnant had that same issue. They had personal ads up online b/c looking for a guy to get them pregnant b/c husband couldn’t.

  • Doing girls like me a favor.

  • You’re welcome

  • Big bucket of BULLSHIT

  • No. 100% true

  • Fake. Yawn. Also, writing and replying to your own comments is lame.

  • I only respond to comments made by other people.

  • So it’s natural for young girls to get pregnant. Cause I think my daughter is having sex.

  • I’ve been having sex since I can remember. I assure you your daughter is fucking.

  • Yep. She probably is.

  • It is very natural and she probably is.

  • Getting an another mans wife pregnant is the best. I love invading his space.

  • I know!! It’s crazy how a woman being married makes the experience so erotic. How many times have you done this?

  • Two kids with two wives

  • Nice!

  • And you? Sir?

  • Out of my total, 6 were married.

  • Women are a gift from heaven. I love my wife, she is a great lay. But I let her sleep with another man. And it was so sexy. Her body never looked so sexier.

  • Hot! Did she get pregnant by him or was it just sex?

  • Just sex. She is fixed

  • Probably not a bad idea when there are guys like me out there :)

  • Yeah. I know. She already has kids anyhows.

  • That’s a shame that you will not be able to get her pregnant in the future though.

  • Her body moves so good

  • I’ll bet!

  • Love her skinny legs in the air

  • That’s where they belong...ankle to shoulder.

  • I have four kids and two of them came from this. The first guy put a hole in the condom and got me pregnant. He admitted to it later. The second guy. Used an oil lube knowing it would cause the condom to break easily. And I was too dumb to know at the time. And he also admitted to it. My third kid, I fell for the I'm allergic to condoms and I'll pull out. Got pregnant again. By the forth I just found I love being breeded so I didn't even bother with making the guy wear protection. . So I got pregnant again.

    I have a good job, love my kids, and so far all the guys have had no problems supporting their child. Reading this makes me want to go for number five.

  • I never thought of just saying I was allergic to condoms. You learn something new every day :) good luck on #5.

  • I like men like you, this turns me on. I don’t see anything wrong with breeding.

  • There is nothing wrong with breeding, it is the lying and deceit.

  • 2 of the 11 were from online adds where the woman was married and looking to get pregnant so no lying/deceit there. The others...I can see how you would feel that way.

  • Thanks! In addition to this being an enormous turn on, I feel it’s incredibly natural since it is basically in our DNA to breed and I know I take it to a whole other degree but I honestly do not find anything wrong with it and am not conflicted by it either. I really do appreciate your support. Next week will be big for me as the #12 mentioned above is late and has an appointment monday to confirm if she is also pregnant so I will know for sure by Monday if I have another. Have you ever done anything like this? I would be more than happy to give you some pointers if you want them.

  • I agree about it being in our DNA. I love being pregnant so I understand that need. I am married, but my husband loves breeding me. There are no secrets in our house about who the kids’ dads are.

  • Sounds like he is a lucky guy...

  • How disgusting, can't understand how you ever think this is normal, it's not you need an operation on your cunt so you can't even get a dirty dick in it


  • Absolute PRICK

  • Agree to disagree

  • I agree your an ARSEHOLE

  • Honestly, I would probably agree with that as well. I don’t claim to be man of the year. I just know what turns me on.

  • Well prick or arsehole whatever you like start thinking about other people, one day you will SHITHEAD

  • I’ll do that...thanks

  • Years ago I got pregnant after fucking three guys at a spring break party. I never made a big deal of it, but I knew who was the father, because my daughter looked just like him.

  • That sounds hot. I would never agree to being one of 3 guys because i need to know the baby is mine.

  • That’s hot. I love when men get territorial about their babies.

  • It’s not so much being’s just that I don’t want to waste my time and I want to make sure that i know whether I can add her to my number if she gets pregnant.

  • They were not just trusting the condoms, they were trusting you, asshole.

  • I understand that.

  • I did this once, there was this hot blond teenager that I knew the only downside was, she was a huge bitch. The thought of being attached to her was actually kind of terrifying. So I never told her that kid was mine.

  • Nice!! I figured I wasn’t the only one that does this. Just out of curiosity, which method did you use (i.e. poking holes in condom or just straight up unprotected)? How old were you?

  • Unprotected, I was 31, I was living with my younger brother, and a lot of his friends that he would invite over were still in high school.

  • Nice. It’s never too late to add a few more to your number. I’ve had a few people tell me about the tip below about petroleum gel and condoms if that helps any.

  • Petroleum gel is good with the condoms. Thrust for a minute or so, and the material will perish and shred.

  • Thanks for the tip! Do you need to use a lot to get it to rip or does it not take much? I’ll definitely try it out!

  • Nope! an' if yer caught, you say that it's just to help bit with lubrication.

    Congratulations, mum!

  • Great! I’ll probably try this with the next one that insists on me wearing a condom.

  • One day you’ll get aids. God don’t like ugly.

  • No I’ll be fine.

  • Well, you will die eventually. Too bad none of your bastard children will know or come to your funeral.

  • Of course I will someday. Doesn’t everybody?

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